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B.O.B Actually Thinks The Earth Is Flat [Video] B.O.B Actually Thinks The Earth Is Flat [Video] Alright folks, strap on your tin foil hats for this one- you’re going to need them. How do I say this? Holy shit,... B.O.B Actually Thinks The Earth Is Flat [Video]

Alright folks, strap on your tin foil hats for this one- you’re going to need them.

How do I say this? Holy shit, this is crazy.

Ok, I’m just going to straight up say it. B.O.B honestly and sincerely believes that the earth is flat.

B.O.B, the Grammy-nominated rapper, responsible for hits like “Nothin’ On You”, “Airplanes”, and “Magic”, actually thinks that you can walk to the edge of the earth and fall off into space.

It all started in 2016 when B.O.B posted this on Twitter:


World-renowned astrophysicist  Neil Degrasse Tyson quickly offered him some evidence to the contrary, which you think would have put the issue to bed.


But no, B.0.B only became more indignant about his position, insisting everyone who is refuting his claims has been indoctrinated into a helio-centric belief system.

“I’m going up against the greatest liars in history … you’ve been tremendously deceived”

On December 26th, Bill Nye “the science guy” went on the show complex to talk about B.O.B’s beliefs. Bill cannot believe B.O.B actually thinks the earth is flat, and suspects that this is a ploy to create controversy and sell more albums.

It’s certainly believable. B.O.B’s last major hit was in 2015 with “Not For Long” featuring Trey Songz.

Bill Nye cites evidence ranging from gravity and photographs taken from space- and challenges B.O.B to come to the interplanetary society to watch a rocket launch and confirm that the earth is indeed round via the footage.

B.0.B has set up a “Go Fund Me” to raise money for an independent satellite launch that will take pictures from space so he can see for himself. 

He responded to Bill’s video via Instagram, saying he should stop picking on rappers and athletes, and start debating with “the big dogs”.

He claims that scientist “Eric Dubay” has created over 200 proofs documenting that the world is flat- and that Bill should read some of his books.

I was curious about what this guy had to say, so I checked out his website:

Once on the site, it takes you about two seconds to realize that

A: He’s not a scientist, but a Yoga instructor


B: He’s batshit crazy.

Him believing the earth is flat is literally only the tip of the iceberg. He also believes

  1. the holocaust never happened
  2. 9/11 was an inside job
  3. The Illuminati and New World Order is real

Dude has a bunch of books for sale, and profits off of the gullibility of Americans are aren’t quite sharp enough to think critically.

Seriously, this guy believes that the government has military units set up in Antartica- solely for the purpose of guarding the edge of the earth so that no one “finds out”.

Besides the science, all you really need to do is ask yourself one question realize how stupid the whole thing is.

In a world filled with poverty, disease, racism, and war, what exactly would an organization gain by convincing everyone that the world is round?

Nothing. There is literally no motivation to do so.

B.O.B, if people find out that you support a guy who thinks Hitler was just a “peaceful person”, your music career will effectively be over.

We suggest you suck up your pride, and admit that you were wrong.

Either way, the world is going to keep on turning with or without you.




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