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Bhad Bhabie Fights Woah Vicky At The Mall Bhad Bhabie Fights Woah Vicky At The Mall
Ever since Bhad Bhabie ( Danielle Bregoli) rose to stardom on the Dr. Phil show, America has been saying “Cash me outside, how bah... Bhad Bhabie Fights Woah Vicky At The Mall

Ever since Bhad Bhabie ( Danielle Bregoli) rose to stardom on the Dr. Phil show, America has been saying “Cash me outside, how bah dah?” a lot.

Like way too much actually. It’s getting really annoying.

But does this rebellious internet star turned rapper actually “catch people” outside?


Yes, yes she does. In malls actually.

Check out the video below of her throwing hands with rival internet star Woah Vicky ( Victoria Waldrip) and her pint sized side kick, Lil Tay.

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The video starts with Danielle and Victoria squaring off on opposite sides. Both of them have huge hulking body guards.

Danielle taunts Victoria

” You wanna run somewhere?” She repeats herself, walking forward.

” Why don’t you put that bag down-  tough stuff?”

One body guard puts his arm in front of Danielle, trying to de-escalate the situation. Danielle squirms around him.

” Come on, she’s 18!”.

Victoria strikes back.

“Hit me bitch”.

Danielle says Victoria only acts big and bad on camera, but is a pussy in real life.

Of course, things escalate from here.

The two sides collide, screaming and profanity is heard. While the body guards are distracted, Danielle throws a punch at Victoria.

The fight is broken up soon after, and Danielle is dragged away screaming by her body guard.

Afterwards, Woah Vicky and Lil Tay post a video about their thoughts on the altercation.

Woah Vicky and Lil Tay show off their sizable stack of cash in the video.

Victoria quips that Danielle is just jealous at all the money she and Lil Tay have.

Lil Tay backs her up- “Bhad Bhabie is a bitch!”.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that Lil Tay is 9 FREAKING YEARS OLD? Like where the hell are her parents? Why isn’t she in school?

This shit is so messed up on so many different levels. But that’s another conversation for another day.

First- how did this beef even get started?

Allegedly, it all began when Woah Vicky called one of Danielle’s friends the N-word. For those who don’t know, part of Victoria’s thing is pretending to be a hood black girl- when she is actually a rich white girl that grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta.

But despite growing up nowhere near “Zone 6”, Victoria speaks in heavy ebonics, and sells chains and grills in her online store.

Yeah, it’s pretty cringe worthy.

what’s also super cringe worthy? The video that started this sissy fight at the mall. Peep it below.

You can barely understand Woah Vicky in her incoherent rambling, but the gist of it is  he’s saying Danielle is scared to fight her, and wouldn’t actually do anything if they met in person.

She is standing on some type of mountain range, and a solemn looking asian gentleman is present beside her.

There’s literally no explanation of this.

Who the hell is this guy? Lil Tay’s dad? He might as well be.

Anyway, as you can see from the footage, Victoria was wrong about Danielle. She got “caught outside” by Bhad Bhabie.

Although, let’s be honest, the fight did leave a lot to be desired. The real question is- when’s the rematch? If it happens, you can be sure the cameras will be rolling.