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Cardi B Sex Tape Leaked [Video] Cardi B Sex Tape Leaked [Video]
Cardi B Dropped her new single “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage on Friday. A lot of fans have been hating on it- and rightfully... Cardi B Sex Tape Leaked [Video]

Cardi B Dropped her new single “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage on Friday.

A lot of fans have been hating on it- and rightfully so. It’s not only completely narcissistic, but also incoherent and lacking in subject originality  ( 21 Savage’s verse is pretty hilarious though).

Anyway, We’re not here to discuss the fact that she said Offset’s name about  10 million times in the song.

We’re here to talk about the “sex tape” that “leaked” the same day she dropped the single.


“quotes” are used here because- come on guys, this isn’t news for 3 reasons:


As any Cardi B fan knows, she used to be a stripper. In the old days, she made her living by shaking her goods around to entertain the degenerates that frequent strip clubs. So you shouldn’t be surprised to learn there’s four videos of her dancing butt ass naked on the internet that are over a YEAR old.

This fact was confirmed after we did “research” on Yup, we take research very seriously here.

Very, very, seriously.


It isn’t even a sex tape. she’s literally just dancing around naked. Man,  journalists are getting DESPERATE these days (  we know our title is clickbait too- but it’s done ironically so it’s cool right?)




Who even gives a shit? Her naked body is already plastered all over the internet. You can’t leak information that is already basically public knowledge. Honestly, the whole things just feels like a  PR move to create hype for the single – and after listening to it, she’s going to need it.

Spoiler alert #2  the song is about nice cars, bling, drugs, pussy, and flexing on everybody else – cause fuck anyone who isn’t Cardi B.

Yay, haven’t heard that one before.

Naturally, her fans have been going pretty crazy on Twitter after the tape leaked.  Here’s  some of their commentary:





We think the last tweet hit the nail on the head.

Bottom line: 

This  “sex tape” ( it’s not even a sex tape but whatever at this point)….

This sex tape is a good thing for Cardi B. It’s going to blow up on social media over the next few days, and pique the interest of people who might not be familiar with her music. They’ll check her shit out, just out of pure curiosity if nothing else.

And let’s face it, you know it’s going to lead to more downloads and sales of  “Bartier Cardi”.

If this leak was an internal job, you’ve gotta admit, it’s a freaking smart move.

Well played Cardi B, well played.



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