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Court Rules XXXTentacion Was Jailed “Unfairly” And Releases Him Court Rules XXXTentacion Was Jailed “Unfairly” And Releases Him
Good news XXX fans. Rapper XXXTentacion ( Jahseh Onfroy) was released  by the state yesterday after ruling  jail time to be “unfair” given the... Court Rules XXXTentacion Was Jailed “Unfairly” And Releases Him

Good news XXX fans.

Rapper XXXTentacion ( Jahseh Onfroy) was released  by the state yesterday after ruling  jail time to be “unfair” given the charges and  amount of evidence gathered at the time.

The charges?

  • Aggravated battery of a pregnant woman ( WTF? )
  • domestic battery by strangulation
  • false imprisonment
  • witness tampering

Now he’s under house arrest, and waiting for his next hearing which will take place on January 24th. If convicted on all charges, he could face up to 30 years in prison.

So if you’re not already caught up on the news, here’s what our favorite crazy floridian rapper  did to get into this pickle:

It all started in May 2016 when XXX decided to move back in with his ex girlfriend, which has ended well for people approximately 0% of the time.

Apparantly, his ex complimented one of his buddies bling, and his response was to throw her Iphone on the ground.

That’s all that happened.

Just kidding.

After that,  this crazy bastard makes her choose between sticking a barbeque pitchfork and  cleaner up her vagina.


Note to self: Never attend a barbeque hosted at  XXX’s Crib. 

XXX’s jealousy issues got even worse a few weeks later when she was mouthing the words to a rival rapper’s song on the radio.

He reportedly kicked, punched and choked her for the offense, and threatened to cut out her tongue-  Which is a totally normal reaction for a betrayal on that level.

A normal reaction if you’re batshit crazy, and your name is  XXXtentacion.

Here’s where things get weird.

After that, XXX goes to jail- but not for beating his ex girl.

Instead he goes to jail for a completely unrelated aggravated battery charge. While he’s in the joint, his ex decides to fuck another dude ( we don’t blame her).

XXX catches wind of what happened. When he’s released, he immediatly  approaches her with a glass botttle, threatening to “fuck her up” if she doesn’t tell him the truth.


Side note:  Doesn’t the character attacking this beach hooker in GTA 5 look uncanily like XXX?

The final straw came in October, when XXX learns that his ex is pregnant with another man’s child. He savagely beats and headbutts her ( a rather unorthodox abortion technique ?) and threatens to kill her in her bathtub. She reports her face being “badly disfigured” and “bleeding from her eyes” after the incident.

XXX’s trial for this offense was delayed an assload of times, and finally scheduled for December 15th, 2017. However, on December 14th, he was put into pretrial custody for violating the terms of his bond.

What happened? 

Witness tampering happened.

Basically, his ex-girlfriend signed a document asking for the case to be thrown out, and all charges DROPPED! As you might expect, his prosecutors got the feeling that the signed confession was coereced, and questioned the validity of it.

This in combination with some sketchy recorded phone calls XXX made while in jail months ago  was enough to put him back in the clink.

But now , the state has given him an early christmas present by only putting him on house arrest until his january 24th court date.


It’s really not that bad- he can even go to the recording studio as it’s part of his “contractual obligation”. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, celebs DO get off easy. We’re tired of it too.

Anyway, all of these crazy developments have made XXX’s rise to fame one of the most controversial in history. To make things even more bizzare, he decided to donate $100,000 to a domestic violence prevention program, and even announced an event to support rape victims.

( the event was cancelled due to vandalism, but at least the man tried).

At this point, we’re not sure if he truely feels guilty, or if this is just some weird PR attempt to get his fans back on his side.

All we know is that he’s one complicated character, and has been through some serious shit. And by serious shit, we mean that he stabbed a man who was attacking his mother when he was only SIX years old.

We don’t want XXX to spend the rest of his life behind bars- but he probably will unless he gets his shit together real quick.

What do you think will happen to him?

Tell us in the comments below!






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