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Gucci Mane Offers Lil Pump A Record Deal Gucci Mane Offers Lil Pump A Record Deal
So you may have heard the news that Lil Pump has recently become a free agent. As of 6 days ago, the South Florida... Gucci Mane Offers Lil Pump A Record Deal

So you may have heard the news that Lil Pump has recently become a free agent. As of 6 days ago, the South Florida rapper successfully freed himself from his previous contract with Warner Brothers. 

How did he do it?

Well, he was a minor when he originally signed it- which according to his current manager and lawyer John Branca, makes it invalid.

Now Lil Pump is independent, but he might not be for long.

Recently Lil Pump posted a selfie on Instagram and commented: “Fuck it, Ima sign Lil Pump to Lil Pump”.

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Look at my neck shynee 🌟

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not long after the “Gucci Gang” rapper got a record deal offer from who other than “Gucci Mane?”

Gucci mane commented on Instagram, saying “1017 u name the price”.

1017, a.ka. 1017 Brick Squad is Gucci Mane’s record label that he started in 2007. With an open-ended offer, we can probably expect to see something in the millions coming back from Lil Pump.

Given Lil Pump’s surging popularity, this move makes sense from an artist with the business savyness of Gucci Mane. In a 2016 XXL Mag interview, Gucci revealed his reasoning for his latest signups:

“There’s a different sound to some of the stuff that’s going on. I’m forcing myself to like it because, it’s different,” he said at the time. “It’s not what I grew up listening to. It’s not the stuff I would generally play in my car, but if everybody else like it, who am I to say they’re stupid or that they’re wrong? …Yeah, so that’s kinda how it ended up, like if I keep saying that it’s stupid, then that means the next four, five artists that’s hot, I don’t sign them.”

He continued, “I don’t got no part in what they got going on because I alienate myself. So, I’m forcing myself to see what’s going on now. I be like, They’re creative. They’re smart. They’re marketing themselves. They some little geniuses. That’s how I’m thinking now, so when I see them, ‘Hey, I like what you got going on’ and I’m not being fake about it even if I’m not the biggest fan of their music or whatever.”

So yeah, Gucci Mane might not exactly be a huge fan of Lil Pump’s music personally, but he recognizes that a LOT of other people are.

And when you’ve got a popular artist on your label….well, that can buy you a lot of Gucci belts, not to mention Lamborghinis.


At this point, the question remains, should Lil Pump take a record deal, or remain independent? If he takes a deal- his cut will be small, most likely around 15% of gross record sales. The lions share of the profits will go to Gucci Mane.

After his wild success with “Gucci Gang” and rise to 5.7 million Instagram followers, it’s plausible that Lil Pump could survive on his own if he knows how to market himself.

After all, the whole point of signing a deal with a label is for them to

A: Take care of marketing

B: Pay for studio time 

The cost of both of those things has fallen dramatically in recent years with the rise of social media and production of affordable recording gear.

Do you think Lil Pump will take Gucci Mane’s deal?

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