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How Rich Is Rich The Kid? How Rich Is Rich The Kid?
When you think “Rap Mougul”, who squares up in your mind? Jay-Z? Dr. Dre? DJ Khaled? (you lame as hell if you think that)... How Rich Is Rich The Kid?

When you think “Rap Mougul”, who squares up in your mind? Jay-Z? Dr. Dre? DJ Khaled? (you lame as hell if you think that) Well what if I told you that a Queens, NYC-native was making huge money moves and creating a new-age empire under everyone’s radar – big ups, Rich the Kid.

Raised in the projects of Atlanta, we have a legit “rags to riches” story here. Growing up, Rich would steal to get by. now, he owns his own record label, has multiple hit records, toured with legends and has even shot Forbes some tips on how makes racks.

“Everybody’s realizing now that I’m the hardest working in the industry–period,” Rich told Forbes – and even they agree. “To say Rich is on his come up would be an understatement. During our conversation a few days earlier, he made clear just how much he has on deck,” said the renowned publication. That’s some insane respect from a stuffy organization whose entire existence is based around getting wet over traditional money.

So how Rich is Rich? Well, coming off the platinum track “New Freezer” with King K-Dot, signing to The Blueprint Group/Maverick Music and recently releasing his duly named album, “The World is Yours” Rich is well worth over $4 million and counting.

The rise to this fortune started…well not that long ago being real. After his debut mixtape. “Been About the Benjamins” in 2013, our boy has kept on climbing up. Connecting with the don group, Migos, shortly after, Rich had found his crew of audio killers to run with. Rich hung with the crew and in 2015 released the collab mixtape Streets On Lock 4. After this, labels started barking.

Signing with Quality Control Music (who boast an insane trap roster of Migos, Lil Yachty, Cardi B and more) Rich really started being bout the Benjamins. “Releasing Feels Good to Be Rich” making him $110,000+, “Flexing on Purpose” for$130,000 and “Dabbing Fever” for $190,000 within the same damn year, Rich obviously had one thing on his mind: getting rich.

Now that he was really starting to make noise in the industry,  Interscope records started to take note. Signing a deal with them skyrocketed his career into the millions.

We got some real Scarface vibes going on here. Rich owns a mansion on the Miami waterfront, flexes with albino snakes around his neck and most impressively (from a professional standpoint – that snake is dope as shit) owns his own record label, “Rich Forever Music”.

Plainly put, his bench is stacked. Not only does Rich have Famous Dex on his team, but also the up-incoming allstar of Brooklyn, Jay Critch. All starting out as SoundCloud rap-rats, the Rich Forever crew is making new sounds and new waves in ways the OG’s would have actually approved. This is where Rich the Kid reportedly made the majority of his money – although his music slaps too, don’t get me wrong.

In 2016 Rich Forever Music and 300 Entertainment linked up for a contract deal that landed Rich hundreds of thousands alone, making him a truly made rapper. Rich being Rich though, he didn’t stop there. Towards the end of 2017 after coming off the single “read about it”, Interscope Records signed the now rap execute…and a couple months later, his whole crew gets signed to TBG/Maverick. Like what the hell…to every rapper out there who likes to say they’re hustlin’ and making “money moves”, y’all can’t say shit until you’ve reached Rich the Kid’s level of professional finesse.

Looking at our guy Rich the Kid, there has to be something said for signing to a label. Unless you’re the urban mayor of Chicago like Chance, or the foundation of rap like Jay-Z, labels seem to be making artists the money they ALL like to think (or say) they have. Personally, I’m all for independent music – but if you’re really trying to pull up to the club stepping out of a ‘Rarri with your rollie glistening, get some contractual clout.

I can guarantee not everyone who tries will be as lucrative as Rich the Kid has been, but that’s just homage to his work ethic. Shit, our guy went from being fired from his first job at Wendy’s for being too high to now owning a new-age sound stable and basically inventing the dab. The world is yours? Facts.