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Jim Jones Accuses L.A Fitness Of Racially Profiling  Him [Watch] Jim Jones Accuses L.A Fitness Of Racially Profiling  Him [Watch]
If you worked the front desk at L.A fitness and Jim Jones approached you asking if he could use your computer to charge his... Jim Jones Accuses L.A Fitness Of Racially Profiling  Him [Watch]

If you worked the front desk at L.A fitness and Jim Jones approached you asking if he could use your computer to charge his phone- would you let him?

Well, these L.A fitness employees refused to, and Jim totally flew off the handle. According to Jim in the video he posted to social media, he was not only denied from using the front desk computer to charge his phone, but was also told to LEAVE L.A fitness after the incident.

The lady working the front desk alleges that Jones become hostile upon her refusal, and gave her the middle finger. She then relayed this information to her manager, who promptly asked Jim to leave the establishment.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Jones accuses the employees at L.A Fitness of racially profiling him- and notes that in his 4 years of attending the gym, never has he been treated like this.

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@lafitness sombody please teach ur employees at flower st gym in LA how to talk and treat there customers I been a member for 4years and have never been treated like this it's is usually a very good experience well today was th worst I feel I have been profiled and lied on smh all cause I asked to plug my charger up to th side of one of there computers and she told me very nasty tht she not letting me uses th computer to charge my phone and tht I was a simple person sheesh I held my composer though went back to workin out another manager came up to me askin if I wanted to talk about wht happen I said no he need to talk to his employees about how they treat customers tht just want to charge they phone so as I'm leavin out I wave by to both th mangers at th same time and she lies and tell th mnger I gave her th middle finger but I was waving at both of them and th mangers all saw me waving then proceeds to ask me if I gave her th middle finger when he just watch me wave by to th both of them then they threatened to kick me out and get me terminated I asked on wht grounds they had no answer but th she said I gave her th middle finger which he saw I didn't but they work together so I guess he was just tryin to stay neutral moral of th story is I did not make u work at la fitness u chose tht urself so th least U could do is be helpful and courteous to all ur customers no matter color race wht clothes there wearing weather u like rap or country music it's th gym we just lifting weights it's no science class and it's not Fort Knox it's th gym a place people go to get intune wit there mind body n soul wit no interruptions especially not from th staff they suppose to b as helpful as possible as people try to better there health #Vampfitt #incaseyoudidnt I still did chest today through all th BS all because I wanted to charge my phone

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In the video, Jim starts recounting what happened in front of the two L.A Fitness managers, who appear to be asian and white. One of them holds a folder  in front of his face so that he won’t be seen by the camera.

( Given how crazy Jim Jones fans are- that was probably a good idea).

” I haven’t done anything to anyone, and right now I feel like I’m being profiled”. says Jim.

The manager responds with-

” oh, all of a sudden you’re the victim?”

“I am the victim!” Jim splutters back.

” So tell me what I did, since you talking so much!”

Jim repeats himself again, and tells the manager to explain to the camera why he’s kicking Jim out. The manger mentions that Jim is in fact on camera as well. Jim doesn’t appear to be bothered by this, and wants to see the camera footage so that he can verify that he never flicked off the lady at the front desk.

According to Jones, despite the bullshit he was still able to get his chest workout done- which is shown in the rest of the video ( apparently Jim brings people with him to film in workouts?)

Commenters on Youtube seem to be split with their reactions. Some people think that Jim Jones is full of shit- and deserved to be kicked out. Others believe that he was legitimately profiled.


Most people don’t feel sorry for Jones, as he is wealthy enough to afford his own gym- let alone a wall charger for his phone.


Either way, it appears Jim is purposefully making this a big deal by recording a video and putting it out on social media.

Most likely, it is L.A Fitness’s policy to not have customer devices attached to work computers. And why would Jim want that? He’s a celebrity and opening up the possibility for someone to be messing with his phone ( hacking a cellphone is not that difficult).

Because really- think about this rationally. Why would an employee risk her job by being publicly racist to a customer? In 2018?

Sorry, but that makes zero sense.

Jim Jones, you should probably just get your own gym, and start using your music to attract attention to yourself- not these ridiculous social media stunts.


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