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Migos Beats Up Sean Kingston Migos Beats Up Sean Kingston
Things got pretty bad at an event in Las Vegas, Nevada between the trio Migos and Sean Kingston. The rap trio from Georgia does... Migos Beats Up Sean Kingston

Things got pretty bad at an event in Las Vegas, Nevada between the trio Migos and Sean Kingston. The rap trio from Georgia does not want any new friends in the industry apparently. They got into a brawl with the Jamaican American singer at Sands Expo and Convention Center last Tuesday.

The fight really started when someone from Sean’s side pulled out a gun and fired. Although no one got hurt, things went down the drain after that. The trio went all out and beat Sean pretty bad. They brought him to the ground and were stomping over him late at night.

The real reason behind the fight is the rapper Soulja Boy. Apparently, an argument about him got very heated and both parties got into a fierce fight. The police arrived at the scene quite late as both Migos and Sean had left the venue a while before.

The man who shot the fire during the event was later booked at Clark County Detention. He was charged with charges including carrying a dangerous weapon, assault with a weapon and using a forearm among people potentially endangering their lives. He was identified as Moises Johnson who is 28 years old. He only shot a single fire but luckily no one was hurt. Had someone gotten hurt, Johnson would have been in even bigger trouble.

The incident got a lot of hype when a video appeared on Instagram where Sean can be seen getting jumped at. The clip has been taken down since and Sean has denied being in the video. In fact, he was later stopped that night at a traffic light. He was cooperative with reservation as he did not give any names. He denies that he was beaten up by the “Bad and Boujee” fame trio although the video that circled social media says otherwise.

As for the trio rappers, there has not been any arrest warrants issued. The reason could very well be the victim not ratting them out. However, police is still looking for them to hear their side of the story. There has not been much of a heat between Sean and the trio previously. However, there was a brief diss when Sean mocked Quanvo for ‘chickening’ out in front of Soulja Boy. But this was last year and did not get much attention from the fans and followers.

The recent brawl was regarding Soulja which is not much of a surprise keeping in mind the incident from last year but it would get this violent is definitely surprising. Migos have been in the news lately mainly because of their upcoming projects. In an interview this year they said that they do not care about a lot of folks in the industry. They made it clear that they are not looking to make buddies; they just want to produce great rap music and make a lot of money. With this incident, it is even clearer now that Migos do not give two hoots about who is in their good side.



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