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Migos has had a busy start of the year with the big success of Bad and Boujee and David Glover’s big Golden Globe co...

Migos has had a busy start of the year with the big success of Bad and Boujee and David Glover’s big Golden Globe co sign. Now they they release their new album called “Culture” is why they did not want to speak so much about their beef with Soulja Boy in a recent interview.

The trio appeared on the Breakfast Club last Friday where the host Charlamagne tried to ask them about the feud and whether it is still going on. Although they did not really want to speak about it but when the host asked Quavo did not hesitate to make things clear by saying “F*ck that N***a.” The other two members then chimed in and Offset said “We’re getting a real bag man, we ain’t hurting over here.”

Over on the other side of this beef, Soulja Boy has generally remained low key ever since his squabble with Chris Brown. However, he does occasionally talk about the Atlanta based trio and how he has paved the way for acts like them. He indeed is very active on social media and utilized internet to create a strong fan base for himself back in early 2000s. In a recent interview with Hype Beast he said “Ya’lls my children n***a. I started this s***. I created this s***.” He was obviously talking about acts like Migos that have popped on the rap in the age of social media.

The group is pretty busy promoting their upcoming album and clearly wanted to keep the focus on their project when they appeared on the show. In fact, Quavo even shut down the host for asking irrelevant questions. They did remain calm and did not over react when asked about what they had to reply for the words Soulja used for them.

It is still a bit unclear as to what caused the feud but Soulja Boy has ranted quite a few times on social media. He even released a track to diss the trio called the “Beef.’ He then stopped talking about them when he ruffled with Chris Brown.

Right now, they are all about their work and want to keep the heat about such feuds out. This was pretty evident when Offset backed up Quavo and said “We good. We getting money for real, and we gon’ keep getting money.”  Takeoff had a simple reply “Stack, pray, and stay out the way.”

For the rest of the interview, the trio talked about their projects with most focus on the album. They wanted to use the airtime for promoting that rather than rant about some feud over the internet. They obviously were not too concerned with what “Turn My Swag On” rapper had to say about them. Perhaps this is the reason why Soulja stopped posting about them on social media lately because they were not paying too much attention towards that.


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