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21 Savage Signs to Epic Records and says ‘I Did it because the Ceo is Black’

The rapper 21 Savage has been signed with Epic Records which is run by L.A. Reid. He revealed the deal on a podcast he did recently for Rap Radar. When he was asked as to why he decided to go with this particular label, his reply was pretty straightforward. He pointed towards Reid’s ethnicity and said “Because he’s black.” According to the Fader, he has said “He’s probably the last black CEO. Why not?  He’ll understand me before anyone else,”

The Atlanta based rapper has been in a lot of demand lately and this deal is a step ahead towards his career expansion. He has many friends in the industry now including DJ Khaled, Future and Diddy. He is also friends with Drake who has had a remarkable success this last year with his Grammy nominated album ‘Views.’ He mentioned him too in the interview about the deal. The two collaborated on a song called Sneakin. He even gifted Savage a Ferrari for his 24th birthday. The ‘X’ famed rapper went on to praise his friend and said, “Drake genuine. I feel like he’s a genuine person.”

As for the deal itself, he did not reveal any details. For now, all we know is that he is now part of the big Epic Records family and has a long road ahead. He is without doubt one of the hottest rappers on the scene right now. While he has earned a lot of friends, he has made some foes too. He himself insists that he is not in for making a star studded friend list. He is here to make rap music and earn money. He is open to collaborations but does not want to be friends with everybody. He said, “A lot of n—-s take it too far, like, this is just business. We can come together, do a song, that don’t mean I have to look at you like my friend, ’cause I know n—-s is fake,” he states. “A lot of these n—-s ain’t real so I don’t expect that from them. ‘Ey, you hot, I’m hot, let’s do a song, we gon’ make this motherf—in’ [money], know what I’m saying?”

21 Savage has shown his mettle and this deal further corroborates his potential in the industry. He may have some big names for friends but it is his talent at the end of the day that earned him this deal. However, he preferred this particular label because of the CEO.

2016 was a year that saw a lot of black artists come together to fight for racial discrimination. It would not be wrong to say that the slogan “Black lives matter” dominated pop culture strongly. Savage’s reasoning behind signing this deal perhaps sheds a little light on this side of the story too. With incidents of discrimination happening everywhere, it was natural for him to waver towards someone who could better understand him.

Source: http://theboombox.com/21-savage-epic-records-deal-says-drake-genuine-person/

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