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Cardi B Kicked out of Hilton, Knocks over Display, Calls Staff “Racist MF’ers”

It has been a hectic weekend for rapper Cardi B. She was kicked out of Hilton in Albany, New York and it turns out that there has been a huge veil of mystery as to the truth behind this. Earlier, she had posted on Instagram stating that she was single. After dating Offset, this post was enough to trigger reactions from her fans – but soon she admitted having overreacted over a minor fight.

What Happened in Hilton

After her concert at Times Union Center in Albany, Cardi B checked in at the Hilton with her entourage. After midnight, the hotel staff called the police because of an overwhelming smell of weed on the floor where Cardi B was staying. That smell along with the constant noise from the room had forced the hotel staff to contact the police.

Cardi B was reportedly asleep when the police came. They asked the rapper and her friends to leave the hotel, due to the complaints about the smell of marijuana and the noise. But the rapper was infuriated and could not remain calm. Instead, she knocked over a display while being escorted out of the hotel. And she went on calling the staff “Racist MF’ers.”

Shortly after the incident, Cardi B started posting online about what had happened. She could not control her temper, and she accused everyone involved in the incident of being racist. She described the situation and supported her entourage. More than that, she was firm about the fact that she does not smoke weed. Since no evidence was found at the hotel room, Cardi B claimed that racism was the only explanation for what had happened.

The videos are no longer online. The rapper deleted them and, as mentioned above, informed her fans about being together with Offset. An alleged breakup and an infuriating incident of so-called racism could have made everyone snap.

As it seems, homecoming was not very lucky for Cardi B. The New York rapper returned to her hometown for performing at Times Union Center and what followed next was a nightmare. Cardi B should have controlled her nerves, obviously. But the truth is that after a tiring performance it can be hard.

It is in no way justifiable to rant at the police or the hotel staff. Everyone deserves respect, even if you feel that you are judged falsely. But being woken up and having to deal with accusations about something you had not been involved in might make you lose your temper.

On a bright side, it seems that Cardi B has already put this unpleasant incident behind her. She is still in love with Offset and calls him her gift from God, getting ready for new performances and other gigs!

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