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Cardi B Threatens To Break Up With Offset After New Cheating Rumors

It’s been quite the week for Offset and Cardi B. For those who haven’t been following here’s the sequence of events that happened:

  1. Someone leaked a “sex tape” of Cardi B, which hit Twitter the same day she released her new single “Bartier Cardi”.  We don’t consider this news since there’s already multiple videos on the internet of her dancing around naked. She used to be a stripper, like come on guys.

2. Offset’s icloud was hacked, revealing a video he took of an unknown naked woman in his hotel room. The video was taken before Offset and Cardi B got engaged, but still several months after they had begun dating. Surprisingly, Cardi B appeared to not care and told the press her lawyers would be seeking to press charges against the hacker who leaked the video.

3. Just when we thought things were calming down,  Celina Powell comes out and says that Offset is the father of her unborn child ” Karma Lee”.


So who is this chick?

Celina Powell is a notorious groupie who has been caught lying twice about famous rappers impregnating her ( Fetty Wap and Chief Keef).

Basically, she’s a terrible person. But despite all the evidence pointing to the fact that she’s a lying sociopath, she insists that the baby is  Offset’s.

“I know y’all like ‘this bitch done faked hella pregnancies’ but this time there’s NOOO doubt”.

Yeah… I think we all might just have a teeny bit of doubt, especially after you named the kid Karma?!? Like who even does that?

To top things off, Celina contacts Offset and says that if he pays her $50,000 she’ll stop talking to the press, and have an abortion. WTF? The day before she was talking about how she can’t wait to meet her new baby, and how she’s a  gift from God. Now she’s gearing up to have an abortion?!

This b**** is obviously lying.

Offset’s lawyers contacted Celina, demanding that she immediately cease all contact with Offset, and to cease making false statements to the press. If she doesn’t immediately, comply, Offset will sue her for defamation of character.


Despite the ample evidence that Celina’s claims are completely false, Cardi B is still pissed at Offset. At a recent concert she performed at, she vented her frustration to the crowd, which was greeted with uproarious applause.

“I let a n***a know though. You do that shit again, you gon’ lose your wife”.

As you can probably tell, all the drama is clearly getting to Cardi B’s head. She’s a new artist and hasn’t had to deal with scrutiny on this level before. The question now remains- will she be able to rise above the rumors- or will they eventually lead to the demise of her relationship with Offset?

What do you think will happen? Tell us in the comments below!

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