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DC Young Fly Taste Drakes “Virginia Black” Whiskey

What would you call someone who identifies a popular Whiskey bottle as the “biggest bottle of cologne” or “the bottle of musk”? Well, meet the one and the only DC Young Fly who’s going to try Drake’s favorite Whiskey.

DC Young Fly and Drakes need no introduction as both belong to the music industry. DC Young Fly is a popular comedian, rapper, singer and actor who’s known for MTV’s Wild ‘n Out and Vine videos. His TV endeavors include BET’s original series The Quad, and he made a few guest appearances in The New Edition Story. DC Young Fly has also worked in commercial movies. His first commercial film was Almost Christmas which was released in November, 2016. He got the lead role in Terri J. Vaughan’s film, #digitallivesmatter.

Drake is a big name in the rap world. He has sold over 5 million records, earned a Grammy Award, BET awards and more. Drake, in his short career, has worked with big names like Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Young Jeezy, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and many others. Recently, Drake is also involved in philanthropic services, announced to build a recording school in a High School in Philadelphia.

Drake loves liquor and last year he invited some guests – all big names of entertainment industry – to try his favorite liquor. Apart from DC Young Fly, there were some other guests including Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy and Fly’s fellow castmate in Wild ‘n Out Emmanuel Hudson. DJ Smallz was given the task give the bottle of “Virginia Black” Whiskey to the interviewees and take their honest opinion.

Mind you; Virginia Black is a popular Whiskey Brand and it is New York’s favorite, too. It is actually a collection of 2,3 and 4 year old bourbons, but is it going to impress DC Young Fly’s reaction? Well, you’ll find that out in a while.

Following video shows how DC Young Fly reacted after taking a small sip of the Whiskey.

When asked to pick up a bottle, DC Young Fly’s immediate response was, “Is it the biggest cologne bottle in the world?” (well, something like that). His immediate response after taking the first sip absolutely nailed the video. He was feeling like his liver was burning (Well, that’s the end result when it goes down in your belly).

The video was quite hilarious, obviously, but what made the video funnier was when DC asked, “Can I put it back in the bottle?”

And it was also obvious that DC didn’t know the real meaning of getting Fucked Up when he said, “This shit will get the bitches fucked up.”

Actually DC Young Fly is not the fond of alcohol, unlike his friend Drake. At the start of the video, the young rapper admitted he’s not good with liquor. He neither liked White nor red vine and never tried a whiskey before. And his reactions after the first sip justified that he doesn’t like to get down and out with liquor.

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