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DJ Mustard Quits Lean After Fredo Santana’s Death

It’s only been few days after Fredo Santana’s death- and the Hip Hop community has still been feeling the aftershocks. Santana died of a fatal seizure, which fans speculate happened because of his excessive use of lean.

In the clip, DJ Mustard is shown pouring a bottle of codeine down the drain. “It’s over for me people,” he says in the video. “It’s over. Fuck this shit—cool. Fuck that, it’s over. Kick that muthafuckin’ cup.”

Although he did not explicitly say that he’s quitting lean directly because of Santana’s death, it’s not exactly difficult to put two and two together.

DJ Mustard is a hip-hop producer from Los Angeles California.

He often collabs with  YG, and has produced a RIDICULOUS amount of Hot 100  hip-hop and R&B hits since his entrance into mainstream music in 2011. Mustard’s production style has been described as an up-tempo, club-oriented, catchy yet rudimentary melodic hip-hop style.

He often samples many of the same synth sounds- so when a DJ Mustard beats hits the radio, you know right away.

Our favorite song from him is “Show Me” With Kid Ink and Chris Brown.

It’s not clear whether DJ Mustard ever knew Santana- but he was certainly affected by his demise.

Last October Santana was in the hospital with kidney and liver failure- and warned fans of the dangers of lean.


“Been in here since Friday doctor say a ni**a had kidney failure an liver failure. Thanks for everyone who prayed for a ni**a I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy.”

He explained why he did lean- and certainly wasn’t because it was “cool”.

“I was running from my old life tryna get high didn’t want to face them demons”

Like anyone with a dangerous addiction- Santana was running from his problems.

DJ Mustard is the latest person to “kick” the cup, following rapper Mozzy who made it his 2018 resolution to stop sipping sizzurp.

“Any young ni**a doing that shit, bruh, you understand me, this should influence you to stop. If it don’t…ni**a drink a lot of water at the minimum. They say health is wealth—I need my bag.”

With the majority of the 62,000 deaths from drug overdoses being from legal painkillers like codeine, it’s relieving that there is pushback being created.

What would be great would be if acts like  Future, UGK, Juicy J,  and Lil Pump- artists who have notoriously promoted the drug in the past- would renounce it.

That’s what needs to happen. An apology is owed to an entire generation of people who have had their lives fucked up by a drink that tastes like jolly ranchers.

All because some rappers promoted the shit out of it.


Awhile back, Lil Wayne was hospitalized for seizures from his lean use. And make no mistake, his lean was STRONG. 2 Chainz said that Lil Wayne’s Purple Drank was so strong, that he couldn’t even sip it without getting sick.

Eventually, Lil Wayne came out and said that he no longer does lean, and only used it before because he was “sick”.

Now that he’s not sick- he doesn’t use it anymore.

Let’s hope that other artists follow suit and reserve codeine as an emergency painkiller – not a recreational drug.




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