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Dreamchasers Artist Omelly Was Shot in New Jersey

Recent reports indicate that Meek Mill’s cousin Omelly was shot in North Camden, New Jersey on Monday the 4th of September 2017. Details of this alleged shooting are very limited although it has been said the Omelly was admitted to the Copper University Health Care after the incident. However, the reason as to why he was shot or the severity of his condition still remains unclear. This is evidently a huge blow for all the diehard fans of Dreamachasers.

Omelly Shot in New Jersey

Different rumors were posted on various social media in the past couple of days about Omelly being shot. This took some time to be proven as true because many claimed that the incident didn’t take place. But it was nearly confirmed after it was reported that Omelly was admitted to the hospital and through Meek Mill’s vague social media post that wished his cousin good health. It was Shade Room that first reported this incident regarding Omelly on its Instagram page.

Also, it was said that Omelly recovered with minor injuries and thanked all his devoted fans for being with him throughout. He has posted on Instagram saying ‘Took it and smiled special thanks to everyone for the support’. Even though this was a pretty vague statement, it assured that the rap artist was safe. This was great news for all his devoted fans which is why he has thanked them sincerely for their genuine prayers. Yet, this shooting would be more than just a coincidence as another cousin of Meek Mill was shot fatally at the same time of the year in 2016.

Therefore, hip hop fans can now make sure that their all time popular rapping artist is back to his normal health. Yet, it was a huge threat on the whole of Meek Mill’s family as he nearly lost another cousin. It is the hope of every fan of Dreamchasers and Omelly that he will be able to get back on his feet very soon. As it has been only a few days after this unfortunate incident, the details of the alleged shooting cannot be confirmed yet. Therefore, all hip hop fans should stay tuned for the latest updates of their ever loving Omelly.

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