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Dude Thinks Hes Been Shot After Dentist

Ever had a tooth removed? It’s absolutely vital to bring one or two friend or family members with you. Plus, have a car positioned right at the doorstep of the clinic, because you may fall asleep any moment. Or worse, you’ll get so high that you’ll lose track of everything going around you.

The Guy in the following video just had a treatment at the dentist. He got so high on anesthesia that instead of going to sleep, he started talking senselessly with his girlfriend.


The couple in the car was waiting for one of their friends to hop in so they could move, but the heavy dose of pain-relieving medicine must have started to take effect.

First of all, he was demanding to be taken to the hospital as he was shot by his girlfriend. Upon this, his girlfriend said, “No I didn’t”. And then, the guy thought it must have been someone else who shot him. He said, “I didn’t even see where they come from”.

The dude with the bandage around his face had a treatment and it takes some time to get consumed. The patient needs to stay calm and quite for a few hours, but that dude in the clip was constantly talking as if he was fearing he would die in the next instant.

While they were waiting for their friend to come the dude got so restless, he even tried to jump out of the car once or twice. But before that he kept on forcing his girlfriend to step on the gas and leave their friend behind. His girlfriend was constantly talking to him to make him feel at home. At one point, the guy asked her, “You got hit?” and she said, “Yes!” and he got super-excited and asked the driver to step on the gas. He even threatened to run by himself if they don’t start the car.

The girl was enjoying the discussion while cleaning the liquid coming out of his mouth continuously.

But she couldn’t stop his shirt from getting red stains. The guy spotted those stain on his right shoulder and was confirmed that he was shot by some guys he didn’t see coming. He then started screaming and demanding the driver to drive the car.

After some times, he realized he’s still breathing. So, he got amazed. “I’m still alive!” he said, “It had to be God! It had to be God, bro” praising God for keeping him alive even after he got brutal shots on his chest.

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