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Eminem’s Leaked “Mystery Woman Video” Is A Marketing Ploy ( Spoiler Alert)

So lately there’s been news buzzing around the internet that Slim Shady was caught on camera smooching a “mystery woman” in an old run down hotel room.

The video begins with the woman making selfie style faces at the camera. After a few seconds Eminem walks in.

Eminem sees the camera and says ” woah, already?”

He walks into the camera frame and throws his arms up, striking a pose.

They kiss briefly.

” I missed you” says the woman.

The camera roams around the room, revealing 70’s style decor, complete with an old box T.V ( this thing has a wooden casing around it!)

Eminem goes to hang his coat up on the chair and says ” I was spotted on my way in here”.

“Really” she asks?

Eminem lets out a slight sigh…


He walks over to her, seeing her playfully wiggle her shoulders in front of the camera.

“what is this, what are we doing?”

“videotaping” she responds.

“why?” he asks.

“Because why not?” she responds while smiling.

“We’ve got to document our lives, right?”

Eminem looks at her dubiously, before tapping his finger on his nose.

” I guess….”

Now, if all of that sounds like it came straight out of a movie script, that’s because it did. The mysterious woman has been identified as Sarah Ashley Toups- an actress known for the movie Lethal Weapon.


The whole scenario in the hotel room depicts the lyrical subject matter in one of Eminem’s Revival tracks, “River”.

In the song, a woman gets cheated on by her man- and when she find out she strikes back by hooking up with Eminem.

It appears that this video is some kind of teaser for “River” – perhaps Sarah plays Eminem’s love interest in the music video?

This is far from the first time Eminem has pulled a marketing stunt like this.

Back in November 2017, Eminem’s PR team built hype by posting this picture on Instagram.

At first glance, it looks like Eminem manager Paul Rosenberg is simply promoting Yelawolf’s new album “Trial By Fire”.

But in the background- there is a poster ad for a pharmaceutical drug called “Revival”. Except of course- there is no such drug in real life.

The giveaway here the backwards “E”, which is Eminems logo. The post drummed up plenty of interest, and was hailed as a successful marketing campaign.

Of course- many fans were disappointed when Revival finally arrived- but that’s a whole different conversation.

At any rate, “River” is actually a really solid tune, and Ed Sheeran gives it a poppy hook that gets stuck in your head.

So what do you think… Is this a viral marketing campaign cleverly orchestrated by Eminem’s PR team? Or has the man who notoriously keeps his love life low key suddenly just abandoned his principles and let this video leak on the internet?

If you’re a real slim shady fan, we think you know the answer.






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