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Floyd MayWeather’s Body Guard Shot In Attempted Assasination

Lengendary Floyd Mayweather may be 50 and 0 in professional boxing, but he’s far from bullet proof. And as it appears, somebody is gunning for him outside of the ring.

This week Floyd came to Atlanta to promote his showtime televised triple header happening in Las Vegas this Saturday night.

On Monday night, Floyd was at a club in Buckhead Atlanta, kicking back and having a good time. And whenever money Mayweather does something- he does it big. So it doesn’t come as a surprise for us to hear that there was stacks of cash being thrown through the air, and champagne bottles with sparklers in them being paraded around the club.


Yeah, that sound like Floyd. Last time he was in a strip club in Miami, he spent 50,000. And that was on a Monday night! Man, those were some lucky strippers.

Anyhow, at about 3:00 AM, Floyd decided enough was enough, and headed back to the intercontinental hotel where he was staying.

Well,  not just Floyd- his entire entourage and motorcade came with him of course. When you beat up people and talk shit for a living- you kind of need security when you go places, especially unsavory ones like strip clubs.

But when Floyd’s motorcade left at 3:00 AM they didn’t leave alone. The incident happened  at an intersection on Peachtree road, a very public area adorned with restaurants, shopping malls, and high end boutique stores.

While stopped at this intersection, an unidentified vehicle pulled up, rolled the windows down and open fired at Floyd’s motorcade.

Chaos broke out.

Bullets blasted through one of the cars, spewing glass everywhere. For fans who are really itching to see the Mcgregor vs. Mayweather fight coming up, thankfully the car didn’t contain Floyd.


After the gunfire,  the drivers  reportedly rolled out and ducked for cover behind their vehicles. But not everyone escaped unscathed.

Mayweather’s bodyguard Gregory La Rosa was shot in the leg.

The car screeched off, exiting the scene in a hurry and leaving Floyd’s crew to deal with the aftermath.

Currently the shooter is still at large and police are investigating the incident. Fortunately, Gregory is recovering fine , and just left the hospital.

Now why someone would want to kill Floyd Mayweather is anyone’s guess. It’s unclear if the shooter was related to Floyd’s dance party at the Waffle House on Sunday ( seriously) or his appearance at the nightclub in Buckwood later that night.

One commenter hypothesizes that Floyd’s crew took someone’s girl back with them to the hotel, and her jealous boyfriend followed their motorcade back and tried to shoot them up in a jealous rage.

Hey,  anything is  possible.  Hopefully we will know more later this week as the police continue their investigation.

Stay tuned!








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