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Ja Rule Disses 50 Cent “He Wants My Dick In His Mouth”

50 Cent and Ja Rule have a legendary history of beefing- one that spans over 15 years. Recently 50 was doing a press appearance on  Big Boy’s  92.3 radio show to promote his new movie Den Of Thieves. Conversation was flowing as normal- until co-star O’Shea Jackson Jr. brought up Ja Rule.

” I told Fifty when I met him…I liked Ja rule!  I was a fan.  I was into it…. he came out ( 50 Cent) and  I threw my CD right out my grandma’s car”

Fifty bursts out laughing.

Big Boy then asks 50 if he’s had any contact with Ja Rule.

50 shakes his head.


Big Boy continues, “Like no airports or anything?”

Fifty talks about how one time he and Ja Rule were on the same plane, but he didn’t do anything because getting into a fight at an airport is considered a federal offense.

Fifty Cent avoids prison at all cost- and he’s pretty damn good at it. Given the amount of drugs he used to sell, it’s amazing he only served 6 months out of his 3-9 YEAR  prison sentence.

Big boy asks Fifty what he’d do if he ran into Ja Rule today.

Fifty responds ” I’d put him to bed”.

Now of course, Ja Rule wasn’t about to let Fifty have the last word, and took to Twitter to roast the shit out of him.


Of course, immediately 50 cent fans came to his rescue.


Not deterred in the slightest, Ja Rule kept spitting back- getting progressively more savage with each response.


Ja Rule is referring to the time waaaay back in March 2000  when 50 was once beaten and stabbed by members of the Murder Inc entourage at the Hit Factory recording studio in New York. This occurred near the top of the peak of the Ja rule and 50 Cent beef.

The worst diss was without question…..this


Wow, Ja Rule is just asking for a fight- ” I think he’d rather have my dick in his mouth?”

come on dude.

So those wondering how all of this beef got started, here’s where it began: 

According to Chris Gotti, 50 Cent was invited to Ja Rule’s Murda 4 Life video shoot afterparty.  ( this was back when barely anyone knew him). He walked into the room and said “hey what’s up” to Ja Rule.

Ja Rule basically ignored him, and continued conversing with Chris and other people in the room.

This obviously rubbed 50 Cent the wrong way. Was Ja Rule intimidated by the new rapper, or just indifferent to him?

Whatever the reason- it pissed 50 off.

Apparently, Ja Rules chain got stolen that day, and he believed it was stolen by one of 50 Cent’s affiliates.

Ja Rule sent his crew from Murder Inc to shake down Fifty- and he ended up getting stabbed.  Black Child cited self-defense for the stabbing, as he thought Fifty had a gun.

After this, Fifty started making records, one of which featured a  Ja Rule diss trick- which of course is       “Back Down” off of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. 

This led to their altercation in Atlanta, in which Ja walked up to 50 and asked him

“I don’t know you. Why are you making these records?”

in response, 50 cent punches him. Ja Rule takes the punch, pulls 50’s head over his shirt, and starts punching him back.

50 Cent then runs away.

This is of course all hearsay- everybody has a different version of the story.

What do we know for sure?

That 50 is going to respond to those nasty Ja Rule tweets!

Stay tuned.






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