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Jay Critch Signs Smoking Hot Deal With Interscope Records

Signing to a label is quickly becoming “in thing” in Hip-Hop, with grailed artists like Chance the Rapper and Jay-Z opting-out of such business practices – why then, are some still playing the game this way?  like up incoming Jay Critch – it’s about the community you are allowed access to.


Coming off the banging singles “Did it Again” and “Fashion” in 2017, the Brooklyn born and raised emcee has recently signed with Rich The Kid’s label Rich 4 Ever Music.

“This music shit, [Jay Critch] got it, I gotchu know what I’m sayin. We’re gonna make this happen’” said Rich the Kid about signing the new little bro to his team early last year. Until this new deal, Critch was signed to Rich the Kid’s label Rich Forever Music/Interscope Records.


Chief Marketing Officer of The Blueprint Group/Maverick, Al Branch, is similarly stoked for the NYC duo to take lace-up for the label stating, “Rich the Kid is burgeoning Rap Mogul in the making, I’m so excited to see Rich the Kid and Jay Critch provide the Blueprint for the new generation of artists, entertainers, and executives.” To be real, those are some hella high hopes for a relatively new combo in the rap game, but more power to y’all.

When he was only 18-years-old, Critch crossed paths with Rich the Kid – meaning the duo had a decent amount of time to build up to the deal. Both New York natives, the chemistry seems to be there without a doubt. The two have major slaps together, such as “Fashion” and “Still Sippin”. Not an East Coast sound – but other than our guy Joey Bada$$, what major artist has that anymore anyway?

His come up to this new signing was less than OG, too. Until relatively recently, Jay was a SoundCloud and YouTube exclusive rapper. This being said, he was able to rack up 4.27 million streams on his single “Did it Again” alone. These numbers were enough to get people to wake up and peep the self-proclaimed, “The New York New York’s” work – landing him this deal.


Earning him approximately $100,000 immediately, the 21-year-old has ears on him – with big names in the hip-hop space giving him shoutouts frequently. Shortly after the deal with TBG/Maverick was announced, Chicago-based DJ First Class tweeted, “Y’all better stop snoozing on @JayCritch” – and less than a month later Complex Music called Critch’s drop “Robin Hood” one of the best songs of the week.

While the world has its earbuds in trapping out to the frequent new releases, time will tell if the clout is actually there or if it’s all hype. Regardless, our guy Jay Critch has clearly made waves in the industry and has shown he knows how to make moves.  Major respect for the 21-year-old.


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