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Joe Budden Calls Niki Minaj “Trash”: Azealia Banks Responds And DESTROYS Him

Charlamagne and Joe Budden recently did a video for Revolt TV  in which they reviewed the top rappers of 2017 and decided if their content was “Dope” or “Trash”.

They discuss Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z’s industry dominance, and the rapid come up of artists like SZA and Cardi B.

While the two polarizing personalities argued about a lot of things, one thing they both agreed upon was that Niki Minaj released absolute stinking garbage in 2017.

Here’s a few snippets from the video: 

“Nicki Minaj is high on the trash list. She has exhibited a lot of trash this year”

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a superstar of Nicki’s caliber put out three records at the same time, and by the way, the “No Frauds” record had the iHeart radio stimulus package, meaning you’re going to play it every hour on the hour on every urban station throughout the country. She might’ve even been on some of the pop stations. She had Wayne and Drake on the record and that record didn’t go, bruh.”

“You cannot have 90 million Instagram followers and put out three records and not have any of ‘em catch”.

It hurts, but it’s true. With the amount of radio airplay that “No Frauds” got, it should have blown up.

But it didn’t, and yet here Nicki is posting on IG every day about how she’s the queen of rap. She needs to get her damn ego in check.

If it makes her feel any better, they also hated on Eminem’s new album “Revival”, citing lame bars despite his controversial topic.

Anyhow- lucky for Nicki, Azealia came to her rescue, snapping back at Hip Hop Culture’s two most prominent voices.


Ho-ly Shit.

Basically, Azealia is saying that Joe Budden is salty because his rap career never went anywhere, so now he’s just a critic that hates on successful rappers.

Background on Joe Budden:

Joe Budden signed with Def Jam and released his debut album in 2002. Unfortunately, it completely tanked and barely sold any copies. Budden believes that Jay-Z  ( the president of the label) sabotaged the release and purposefully didn’t promote it out of jealousy.

In reality, Jay-Z probably just didn’t like the album and was embarrassed by it. Either way, other than his one hit song “Pump It Up”, Joe’s rap career really never took off.

Anyway, Azealia finishes him off by saying if she was rejected by Jay-Z like Joe was, she would move to Antartica and spend the remainder of her depressing life in a Chilean science camp chasing penguins around trying to get them to listen to her “mixtape” playing on her iPhone 3.

Eventually, the penguins would grow tired of the bullshit, and eat her.

Wow. She went hard. But when we look deeper into this, should she really be one to talk? Azealia Banks hasn’t had a hit of her own since 2014. It appears her career is on the way down as well.

Either way, we know Budden will respond to this, and we have a feeling it’s going to be dramatic when he does.

Stay tuned.



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