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Juelz Santana Could Be Done With Rap Forever

Airport security is always on some shit – but turns out they should be because I guess rappers think it’s a good idea to bring a loaded gun ONTO THEIR CARRY-ON’s nowadays.

Those at Newark Liberty Airport on a Friday March 9 could have caught a glimpse of “There it Go (The Whistle Song)” rapper Juelz Santana running out of the check-in area and jumping in a taxi. Why? Turns out T.S.A. found a loaded gun in his carry-on luggage while he was trying to board a flight from Newark to San Francisco. Mistakes were made, Santana.

Juelz allegedly, “…paced the area nervously and requested that several individuals screen his bag expeditiously because he was going to miss his flight,” the criminal complaint said.

So. Let’s lay this out. The guy knew he had heat in his bag (a fully-loaded Derringer 38-caliber handgun, to be exact)…and then made a scene so that TSA would check it…I have no words.


What he could have been thinking is fucking beyond me. Sure, bringing a loaded gun on an airplane isn’t the best idea – but, police also found an undescribed oxytocin pills in his bag, too. Dumb. Ass.

Whether the holy spirit got a hold of his conscious, or he realized how just plain stupid he was, the Diplomat luckily tried to smooth things out – best that he could at that point.

Early the Monday morning after, the NYC-emcee turned himself in to Port Authority police. After all was said and done, the rapper was brought in with alleged charges of unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, an unspecified federal warrant, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and carrying a weapon on an aircraft – yep, that’s right, our guy has been here before.

In 2011, this genius has his house raided by police over suspicion of illegal activity (shocker, huh?). After searching his home, police found two fully-loaded handguns and no less than 17 fat-ass bags of weed – sounds like homeboy was preparing for the apocalypse.

As for the current case, all the rapper had to say about it was, “It’s in God’s hands,” Santana said before his arraignment last Thursday at the federal courthouse in Newark. “That’s it.”

After spending a month in federal custody and then house arrest at his mom’s house, you feel like he’d have more to fight back with…guess not. Juelz’s lawyer, Brian Nearly, claims “He’s doing fine, he’s abiding by all the regulations of pretrial and he’s hopeful and praying for the best result,”. In a court hearing last Thursday Nearly plead guilty on the Brooklyn-repping rapper’s behalf.

If convicted, the 36-year-old could spend 20 years or more in prison. While Santana has been trying to get a travel ban lifted, it has been unsuccessful (obviously) – meaning he has been canceling shows. However, he is apparently keeping busy by whipping up some new tracks with Lil Wayne, Migos and Gucci Man. His fellow Dipset crew members have been quiet during this whole incident.




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