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Lil Pump Just Invented A Crazy New Game: Lean Pong

Ok, so he probably didn’t invent lean pong- but now that this video is blowing up, a shit ton more people are going to be playing the game.

Like people you wouldn’t expect.

And yes, by people you wouldn’t expect, I mean bored rich suburban boys that go to private schools and wear windbreakers.

Like this family.


Barbara, would you be a dear and please pass the “sizzurp”? 

What the hell is the world coming to?

For those not in the know, “Lean” is a drink mixture comprised of a codeine-based cough syrup, sprite, and of course- jolly ranchers.


The other active ingredient in the cough syrup is promethazine, an antihistamine that makes you sleepy as hell, and likely to kill yourself when you operate heavy machinery.

Most of us have had codeine at one point in our lives.

When used for dealing with recovery after a surgery, it’s an effective short-term remedy.

But drinking it for fun? That’s extremely dangerous territory.

In general, accidental drug overdoses have become a huge problem and touting lean like it’s this harmless cool thing to do is fucking irresponsible.


Courtesty of VOX. 

As you can see, the problem has been getting much worse over the years, with 2017 having an estimated 62,000 deaths from drug overdoses.

And out of those 62,000- the majority were opiates.

Right now, legal painkillers kill more Americans than any “illegal” drug.

The epidemic began in the 1990’s when the medical industry started to see “chronic pain” as a serious issue, and one worth creating medicine to combat.

As of 2011, it was estimated that there are roughly 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain- so yeah, the market is obviously there. Pharmaceutical companies saw this as a giant opportunity to make wheelbarrows of cash and started creating massive advertising campaigns for painkillers like “Oxycontin” and “Percocet”.

This, of course, led to a shit ton of old people with aches and pains getting prescribed the drugs and thinking that they found the magical unicorn solution to their problems.

And why wouldn’t they?

  1. The drugs work
  2. doctors prescribe them, and doctors are the most trustworthy, benign people in our society.

Everything was going great until folks started getting physically dependent on the drugs while simultaneously developing a tolerance to them.

This led to dangerously high doses being consumed. When you’re on an excessive amount of opiates, you become so relaxed- you literally forget how to breathe.

Your breathing becomes shallow and slow until finally – you stop breathing altogether.

What happened to playing regular beer pong? I mean shit, alcohol is terrible for you too-  but a couple cups of beer aren’t going to kill you.

Too many cups of lean will.

Lil Pump is crazy- and needs to realize the widespread consequences of him creating a video like this.

At least he’s off Xanax now.





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