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NBA YoungBoy Arrested For Kidnapping and Assault

NBA YoungBoy is in deep shit. After being accused of multiple felony crimes,  the 19 year old rapper was arrested Sunday morning in Florida after authorities stopped his tour bus.

Famous for ” Outside Today”,  YoungBoy was supposed to perform at the Moon nightclub in Tallahasse but it looks like fans are going to have to wait because his ass is now sitting in jail.

The Charges

  • Assault
  • Weapons Violations
  • Kidnapping

Here’s where things get weird.

Guess who the victim of the alleged kidnapping and assault charges was?

His girlfriend. Recently, TMZ came out with footage that shows YoungBoy violently throwing his girlfriend to the ground in a hotel hallway.

Here’s the video:

According to TMZ, police report that there was also blood found in the hotel room. A guest in a nearby room called the police when they heard the commotion. But by the time the police arrived, YoungBoy and his girlfriend had left the hotel.

Now if you ask his girlfriend Jania,  NBA YoungBoy has apparently never hurt her in any way, or ever held her against her will.

She responded to the video that came out, saying that they were just “playing”.

” Kentrell always asks me when I’m ready to go home”.

Jania says that people can think what they want, but they’re wrong and should just mind their own business.

She maintains that there’s other videos of her and Kentrell ( NBA YoungBoy’s real name) roughhousing, and that when they see the camera, usually they smile and wave.

Now, his girlfriend may say one thing, but there was nothing about that video that looked playful. She got slammed to the ground HARD, and YoungBoy walked away without any apparent concern for her wellbeing.  It’s difficult to really know what the atmosphere was like since there’s no sound in the video.


The general sentiment on Youtube is that Jania is full of shit and is obviously in an abusive relationship. Why she’s staying and covering it up is anyone’s guess. On the surface level it seems like she’s staying for material wealth- mansions, supercars, shopping sprees etc.

But sometimes the truth is darker. Sometimes people truly believe they aren’t worth being treated right, and deserve the abuse that they receive.

That’s another conversation for another day.

Anyway, based off NBA YoungBoy’s past, him being violent wouldn’t exactly be a huge surprise.

He was released from prison last May after pleading guilty to lesser charges in an attempted murder case. On November 2nd, YoungBoy was involved in a drive by shooting, and one of the victims was shot in the neck. Fortunately for Young boy’s rap career, the victim survived.

It was believed that his actions were in retaliation to the killing of Keondrae Ricks on Nebraska Street’s 2000 block earlier that same day.

So what do you think will happen?

Will YoungBoy be cleared of his current charges and survive to perform another day? Or is this the arrest that ends it all?

If he got out of attempted murder charges, this should hypothetically be a layup for him.



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