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XXXTentacion Punches Girlfriend In The Face ( Video Leak)

Last week XXXTentacion was finally cleared from house arrest, and is now able to go on tour.

But now, a new video has leaked of him sucker punching his girlfriend in the face! (we think it’s being blown out of proportion though, and will explain why below). Anyway, this is super relevant because if you’ve been following, you know that his jail time and house arrest stemmed from his domestic abuse case which included a whopping 15 felony charges…

Here’s a few of them:

  • Aggravated battery of a pregnant woman
  • domestic battery by strangulation
  • false imprisonment
  • witness tampering

It was ultimately decided that there was not enough evidence to substantiate the charges- so our boy X is mostly a free man, other than having to do monthly drug tests and report where he travels when he goes on tour.

XXX dropped his  debut album “?” on March 16th, and it rose to the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 200, nabbing 159.4 million audio streams in its first week. In terms of 1st week streaming popularity, it only falls short to Migos’ Culture II, which racked up 224.6 million streams.

His song Sad! peaked at the #7 spot on the billboard hot 100, which is pretty crazy considering that the other spots are dominated by artists like Drake and Ed Sheeran. There’s so many people who don’t even know who XXXTentacion is still- this dude is about to blow up.

But just when you thought XXX was out of his legal troubles and on his way to becoming a hip hop superstar,

a video of him allegedly sucker punching his unsuspecting girlfriend surfaces.

So a couple things about this video:

  • It was obviously released by someone who dislikes XXXTentacion and wants to ruin his reputation? How do we know this? Because of point number 2.
  • The video is a few years old. Looking at XXX’s hair style combined with the fact that his tree tattoo is nowhere to be see on his forehead we can safely say that this video was filmed quite awhile ago. Whoever posted it could have done so a long time ago at any time.
  • The video appears to be filmed in a joking manner. First off, this is a snapchat video- and his girlfriend titles it with the caption ” I hate this n****.” XXXTentacion can be see dancing in the background of the video, when suddenly he swipes at her face. Now in a real domestic abuse situation, why would XXX knowingly do something like in front of a camera? And why would she give it that title. This was obviously planned and choreographed as a joke.

Now don’t get us wrong- XXX has definitely made some terrible decisions in his past, and has rightfully faced the consequences for his choices. However this video is completely being blown out of proportion. The two were obviously playing around, and anyone that isn’t high off their ass can plainly see that.

Hopefully this will all get straightened out soon.

Stay tuned.



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