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Safaree Breaks Down Crying After Being Robbed At GunPoint [Watch]

Yesterday rising Hip Hop star Safaree appeared on the Angie Martinez show for an interview. But right from the first few seconds of the show- Angie can tell something is up with him. He is sitting solemnly, with his hand covering his mouth, He stares away from the camera.

Angie asks “Are you okay?”

The “Love and Hip Hop” reality TV star chokes up.

” I just”

He starts crying as he tries to get out the words.

He continues.

“I just got robbed……at gun point”.

Angie is confused.

“What do you mean just now,  like just right now?”

Safaree sniffles and continues.

“a couple hours ago, I just got robbed. Two dudes two guns…. just ran up on me. Had me face down to the floor with a gun to my head. They took everything.”

Angie asks, “where did this happen?”

Safaree whispers ” 13th”.

He goes on to explain how it happened at 3 in the morning, and was after he had separated from his security detail which consists of a whopping 30 people.

He was only with his personal chef when he stepped outside of their car and was ambushed. They took his wallet, phone, and jewelry – but apparently not that obnoxious red boa coat he was wearing.

He revealed that his uncle was recently murdered in a robbery. Naturally,  he feared for his life when this happened, as anyone would.

Let’s talk about this .

First a little background on Safaree:

While his mainstream HipHop success appears to be fairly recent, Safaree has been in the game for over a decade. He’s released 4 mixtapes from 2015- 2017,  although none of them have blown up yet. Most of his notoriety comes from dating Niki Minaj and ghost writing a few of her hit songs.

And of course, being a reality TV star on “Love and Hip Hop” doesn’t hurt either.

Recently, Safaree appeared on the breakfast club radio show promoting his new single “Hunnid”.

The video features him dancing around to his own song, while making it rain in the studio. Some random chick twerks next to him and Charlemagne casually picks up the money that falls on the floor. At least one person in the video has their priorities straight.

Hunnid is typical rap song about flexing on everyone, and ironically part of the lyrics talk about people trying to rob him.

Here’s some bars, starting with the chorus:

Hundred on, hundred on this (on this, woo)
Hundred on, hundred on whip (on whip, woo)
Hundred on, hundred on that (on that, woo)
Hundred on, hundred on wrist (on wrist, drip)
Drip drip, swish bitch
Hundred on this, swish bitch
Hundred on this, swish bitch
Hundred on this, swish

[Verse 1]
Pull up, pop out
Roof up, top down
Windows, tinted
Skrrt skrrt, out now (skrrt)
Now I’m more icy, now them folks tryna bite me (whoa)
And my fist is too pricy, killin’ them, where the ivy? (oh)
Look at they face, what a disgrace
I know they just mad ’cause they not at my pace
I need to buy crates, I need me a Wraith
My neck lookin’ like it’s the roof of the Wraith
That’s all ice, now your bitch wanna skate
Yeah that’s my side bitch and yeah that’s your bae
Pull off to your bakery, I need my cake
Don’t be talkin’ that shit ’cause I know where you stay
My diamonds a faucet drippin’, you know what this cost bitch?
I couldn’t afford this, now all the checks are enormous
I came from New York bitch, next stop is the Forbes List
Now I pull up in spaceships, damn I should’ve recorded


Yeah, we get it. You wear a lot of expensive jewelry, and bang a lot of hoes. And that’s cool. But when you write a song like that, and give yourself this bad boy gangster persona, you pretty much paint a giant target on your back.

It sucks that he got robbed at gun point- that had to be unbelievably traumatic. But maybe it wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t walking around with a few hundred thousand dollars of jewelry and a coat that would put Elmo from Sesame Street to shame?

It’s almost as if he predicted the robbery in his song.

Rob me you get two with the same damn nine
I hit you and hit you in the same damn crime
All that fake shit not approved so you’re peaceful to crime
I put screws in your head, now your name Frankenstein, let’s get it

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