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Tekashi69 gets into shootout and loses million dollar headphone deal

Guilty by association rarely has as big of consequences as these – but then again, when you hang with a crew that is constantly racking up beef with others in the industry, what can you expect?

Coming off a decently successful re-release mix of his freshman album, DAY69, rainbow-haired rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is getting slumped off a sponsorship deal that would have racked him up nearly $5 million.

For simply repping a pair of their headphones, TUNES Audio was ready to shell-out hard for the 21-year-old to endorse their $249 headphones – but the deal quickly blew apart. Too bad, Takeshi – no more carousel “69” chains for a while.

The Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna endorsed company had been scouting new brand ambassador when they (for some reason) landed on 6ix9ine – proudly claiming that the Bushwick native is the, “”new proclaimed king of NY”. Hmm, I’m not sure what the brand thinks of New York – but ruled by a tubby, three-time pled guilty pedophile it is not.

Regardless, both sides were ready to put pen to paper, when shit hit the fan (well, more shit – we’re talking about S.C.U.M. Gang here let’s remember).

The Gummo rapper and his manager, Tr3way, are both under police investigation after at least 10 shots were reportedly fired at the Brooklyn’s Barclays Center during the Adrian Broner versus Jessie Vargas fight last month.

When asked about the ambassador-not-to-be, a brand representative offered, “At this time it is in the best interest of our company to move on,” the rep said. “We wish him well, he’s a great artist.”

Relatively nice words considering TUNES’ name will be associated with this rainbow grill-wearing goon for a while.

The altercation can be seen in a video released by TMZ. Viewers can see Tr3way run out of an SUV and allergy fire shots at who is thought to be Casanova, fellow rapper and a longtime nemesis of 6ix9ine.

Where does the “genius” that conjured up the album “Day69” come into play? Look no further past a less than graceful figure stumble out of the SUV shortly after. Thought to be Tekashi himself, one only needs to think, why? Literally what is this man’s dumbass doing getting out of a car during a shootout like this, knowing it will bring heat to the entire crew. To throw some insults? Catch the fight for Instagram? All the above? It’s Mr. 6ix9ine – so probably.

In addition to losing the $5 million paycheck, Tekashi also lost a major gig that would have earned him a copious amount of clout and of course, money.

Previously scheduled to play at Soulfrito Urban Latin Music Fest 2018 at Barclay’s alongside substantial acts such as PNB Rock and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, the organizers have banned him from all center premises.

Once again, mistakes were made for the up-and-coming rapper and his S.C.U.M. Gang click. It seems about time for Tekashi 6ix9ine to calm down, set his blicky aside, put on his only calm track, GOTTI and pick between staying a ballistic, hot-headed, boiling pot of testosterone or whipping up a successful career in the rap game. Your call, G.

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