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ZillaKami’s New Twisted Music Video Will Give You Nightmares ( Warning: Disturbing)

You’ve heard of Trippie Redd and Tekashi 6ix9ine. But have you heard of their demon possessed associate  who makes music that would give even Satan nightmares?

Have you heard of ZillaKami?

Yeah, if you haven’t already- you’re going to want to check out his Instagram @ZillaKami

He burst on the music scene in 2016,  and blessed our ears with a two song e.p called ” LifeIsAHorrorMovie”.

His sound could be characterized as metal rap.

Most of his singles, and his 2018 mixtape “Wardogs” have been collaborative projects with his sidekick artist SosMula.

And if you’re unfamiliar with who SosMula is- here’s his instagram profile @sosmula which is undoubtedly equally as disturbing as ZillaKami’s.

So now that you’ve seen all the gun flashing, the money flashing, the drug flashing, and the….well him getting a blow job while sitting on the toilet… now that you’ve seen all that, are you ready to see the music video he and ZillaKami released called “Shinners 13?”

Of course you are .

In no particular order, here are the top 5 most disturbing things that happen in this music video- and that’s not even counting the chorus-

which is

One for the gang, two for the fame
Three for the name, four to the grave
Put the nail in the coffin, lay him down for a minute
Put the nail in the coffin, lay him down for a minute


Can you say “we like to kill people?”


#1 The little kid with an AK- 47. One image they keep flashing back to in the music video is this little bald kid ( who is adorable) other than the fact that he’s waving a machine gun in your face and dancing around. He’s legit like 8 years old.  Behind him sit ZillaKami and SosMula. They’re being well… you know. How you would expect them to behave. They’re being goons and waving their guns around and causing God knows how many people to want to drink bleach.

#2 The Drugs. In this music video you’ll witness some shit. SosMula taking Ecstasy and washing it down with a 4 Loko can. There’s a glassy eyed junkie shooting up heroine. Zilla and Sos are dipping their cigarettes in what appears to be PCP and smoking them.

#3 The Dog Fighting. Throughout the video, there’s snippets of what appear to be two pit-bulls being restrained from attacking each other by two men with leashes. Clearly, Rover is not ZillaKami’s best friend.

#4: The Stripper. Now you might be thinking- hold on- there’s strippers in like basically EVERY rap music video. Why would that be disturbing? Well, you just kind of get the feeling that this one in particular doesn’t want to be in the music video- and is probably going to die of a drug overdose very soon.

#5 The Ending.  Near the climax of this cinematic masterpiece, The cameraman smokes PCP with SosMula and ZillaKami. Suddenly, things start to get grainy- and his vision starts to get blurry. He’s walking with them in a wooded area as things go from bad to worse.  he starts to protest, his voice becomes distorted- and he sounds possessed.  Suddenly Zilla turns around with his gun, ” Shut the fuck up”. he says, and kills him with one shot to the head. Blood pours out on the screen.

Possibly the most disturbing thing about this music video is how real everything feels. The drugs, the guns, the violence. It just has a darkness to it- and part of that darkness is the feeling you get that says- this isn’t a charade. Much of this is based in reality.

A fucked up, dark twisted reality.

Ok ZillaKami, we’re paying attention now. What’s next?



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