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Offset Tattoos “Cardi B” On His Neck Offset Tattoos “Cardi B” On His Neck
Yeah kids- that’s real ink. Offset just got a tattoo of his fiance “Cardi B” on his neck, complete with a powder puff girl.... Offset Tattoos “Cardi B” On His Neck

Yeah kids- that’s real ink.

Offset just got a tattoo of his fiance “Cardi B” on his neck, complete with a powder puff girl.

The last three weeks have been filled with controversy for the couple, and many fans speculate that the new tatt is Offset’s way of showing his loyalty.

For those not in the know,  here’s a recap

  1. Offset’s i-cloud was hacked, revealing a video he took of Faith Niketzi naked in a hotel bathroom.  Faith is a South African model also known “Queen Twerk”. The footage was taken before he and Cardi B were engaged, but they were still dating, so it’s still pretty awkward.


2. Notorious groupie Celina Powell said Offset is the father of her unborn child. In addition to the fact that she demanded $50,000 to have an abortion, she also has made false pregnancy claims against other rappers. Offset and Cardi B both claim to have never even met Celina. So basically everyone thinks she is full of shit, but the event still successfully added drama.


3.  Another video surfaced revealing a guy who looks a lot like Offset,  porking another chick that is clearly not Cardi B. The footage is pretty grainy,  so it’s unclear if it’s actually him. Of course- Offset totally denies these allegations.




And most recently, Cardi B revealed that she knows Offset is cheating, but is going to stick with him anyway. Poor Cardi B is convinced that every man she dates will eventually cheat on her, so why not stick with the one that put a 500k ring on her finger?

Overall, the reaction to Offset’s new ink has not been positive at all. Here’s some of the latest comments –

 offset-cardi-b-tattoo-youtube-comments offset-cardi-b-tattoo-youtube-comments

Fewer people are impressed at Offset’s display of loyalty, and more adamant about him getting an “L” on the other side of his neck.

They do have a point.

  • Offset and Cardi aren’t even married- and their relationship has been rockier than the freaking Rocky Mountains. The chances of Cardi B leaving his ass within like say…6 months seem to be MUCH greater than them growing old together in a wheelchair.
  • He got it on his freaking NECK! And it’s huge! When you get a tattoo of your significant other, you put it on your ass, or your foot or something. That way, when the relationship inevitably goes to shit, nobody will say anything, and it won’t be staring your future partners right in the face.

You think Offset’s future girlfriend is going to want to smooch on  “Cardi B” when they’re getting down and dirty?

For sure not.

Please let this tattoo be fake. Because if it’s not, it’s gonna be a real bitch getting it removed.




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