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Migos Says They Got “Cheated” At The Grammys


After many reschedules and cancelations, NME Magazine ( News Musical Express) got the chance to sit down with our favorite trap trio. We are of course talking about Migos. It was two days after the Grammy Awards- and the interview room might as well have been a Grammys afterparty. Set …

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Cardi B “Minorities Run America”


Recently Cardi B gave a very in depth interview to I-D magazine. She talked about her life growing up, her rapid ascent to fame, and what it’s like being a minority during the Trump presidency. Her answers on the last part may shock you. Or maybe they won’t. After all, …

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Cardi B Is Receiving Death Threats From The L.A Crips


Cardi B is in BIG trouble with the L.A Crips- a notorious gang from Southern California. It all started when she  posted a seemingly innocent photo of herself on Instagram. In the pic, she has on a royal blue fur coat on. That was all fine and good. The problem? The …

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The Superbowl Just Revived A Dead Meek Mill Song


Meek Mill may be behind bars, but that hasn’t stopped his 2013 song “Dreams and Nightmares” from blowing up. The track garnered an impressive 1.47 million streams and 47,344,210 plays on Spotify the day after Superbowl LII. If you happened to miss the big game on Sunday- ( what were …

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2 Hoes Try To Suck Off Blac Youngsta On Stage [Watch]


Blac Youngsta is one talented artist. Not only does he have to perform live on stage- but he ALSO has to actively avoid getting herpes from all of the nasty hoes that attempt to suck him off while he’s doing his job. You’ll notice that the title of the World …

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