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Podcast Beef Of The Year:  Lansky vs. Shampoo Podcast Beef Of The Year:  Lansky vs. Shampoo
Nothing like some good Instagram Live beef to waste time while you’re scrolling through the news feed. This time, in one corner we have... Podcast Beef Of The Year:  Lansky vs. Shampoo

Nothing like some good Instagram Live beef to waste time while you’re scrolling through the news feed. This time, in one corner we have heavyweight and co-host of NYC-based YouTube podcast “QUEENZFLIP”, Shampoo. In the other we have featherweight (not by intelligence, though) and “Stoned in Motion” podcast host, Meyer Lansky. Shit went down on an episode of QUEENZFLIP, and what started as a few shots between the two, spiraled into an episode long brawl.

“Don’t act like nobody made that seat for you. It was all Lansky, understand that,” says the guest of Queenzflip to his elderly counterpart to really get the beef going. For about 10-min the two exchanged playful bouts with each other, but the low-key heat was about to be turned way the fuck up.

The beef originated when the cameraman and producer of the podcast, QueezFlip himself, said that he had to get off to Los Angeles for three weeks to, “take care of business” – Don Corleone moves (ha sike this guy wishes).

Shampoo then took the opportunity to really start a power vacuum, claiming he was going to host the show and he was the host with the most clout on the podcast – in front of literally everyone else and Instagram live. With his “razor thin tongue that can cut cheese with the shit,” Shamp obviously thinks he drips – Lanksy says otherwise.

“Why you talkin’ so tough right now, huh? Why you talkin’ so tough,” Lanksy said. After a back-and-forth about the youngin’s chain being only 14-karat, the two get riled up and were about to throw hands had co-(and only female)host Boomie Baby not stepped in between the fuck shit. Real quick, though, all power to Lanksy for real; he made a point when Shampoo was dissing him – “you’re 55-years-old my guy, I’m 29 the fuck you expect” – facts.

All seemed well and good for about two minutes…until Shampoo snatches Lansky’s chain and proceed to chuck it on the ground saying, “go pick it up” …this pours gas on the fire and to be honest, I’d be heated, too.

What transpires is a hilarious way to waste 45 minutes of your time. Throwing water bottles at each other, threatening to smash Henny bottles on each other’s heads, pushing around – it’s a 7th grade lunch room.

Things seem to get dangerous when Shamp really loses it and shouts, “gimmie my jacket, imma cut ‘em” – cálmese, chico. Luckily our guardian angel, Boomie Baby steps in again and makes sure the rules are hella clear, “no weapons, only hands” – good look, Boomie.

After several bouts and “on my momma” this and “I will end you” that, the two settle down and are able to finish the podcast with their Instagram listeners…until more tough-talk gets spat.

Shampoo really is doing Lansky dirty here because he brings up the dude’s “ugly as fuck” mom who “looks like a man because she isn’t wearing earings” – literally get a life G, you’re 55-years-old and sound like a sixth grader on the playground.

Lansky steps out-of-bounds too, though, because he keeps bringing up that Shamp’s parents are…dead. Yup. This argument has gone too far.

Surprisingly, Shampoo doesn’t get too heated about the comments – other than in retaliation having to flex his Polo outfit (we get it, bro, you can shop at Macys) and almost snapping Meyer’s phone in half…but honestly, that’s light shit compared to the violence that could have pursued.

In the end, the two half-heartedly squash their beef with a handshake and a joint. While we will never know if the diplomatic smoke sesh was ever had, we’ll just pretend it was – shoutout to the power of weed.