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Post Malone’s Smash Hit “RockStar” Originally Featured Joey Badass and T-Pain Post Malone’s Smash Hit “RockStar” Originally Featured Joey Badass and T-Pain
If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard Post Malone’s song “Rockstar” featuring 21 Savage. The song is about doing copious... Post Malone’s Smash Hit “RockStar” Originally Featured Joey Badass and T-Pain

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard Post Malone’s song “Rockstar” featuring 21 Savage.

The song is about doing copious amounts of drugs and banging hoes in L.A. While the subject matter isn’t exactly original, the beat is incredibly well produced, and Malone’s vocal hooks are irresistibly catchy.

21 Savage half sings and half-raps his verse, and does a great job. His deep baritone voice cuts through the shimmering high pitched flutes on the song, and really stands out.

Basically, the song is a hit, and everyone and their grandmother has been playing it and singing along.


“L.A. bitches always askin’ where the coke at”

Yesterday, we learned some interesting news:

  1. Rapper Joey Badass helped co-write the song, and had his own verse on the original track.
  2. T-Pain was also featured on the track and then replaced by 21 Savage when the record label realized what a huge hit the song was going to be.

This all came to light when  T-Pain posted a “remix” of the song, which he immediately got praise for on Twitter.


T-Pain responded, saying it wasn’t a remix, but actually the unreleased original version!!!


Joey Baddass chimed in confirming this, and also alluding to the fact that he got paid very well for helping write Post Malone’s biggest hit song. Sounds like he doesn’t care too much that his name was left off the record.


One fan admitted that he would have loved to hear T-pain’s version, but after seeing how fast “Rockstar” climbed to #1 with 21 Savage on the track- he thinks Post Malone made the right choice.


The hilarious part about this is that T-Pain responds, and actually AGREES with him.


He’s like,  “Look,  I know I’m practically irrelevant in the industry after not having produced a hit song in years. Of course they dumped my old ass and went with 21 Savage”. According to T-pain, he actually prefers working behind the scenes in music rather than actually performing. Apparently, he’s been involved with a lot of smash hits that the public doesn’t even know about.

So after all this drama, we of course had to listen to T-pain and Joey’s version of the song:

T-Pain’s verse:

Oh shit, hey
I just did like twenty shots and now I’m standin’ on top of a cop car
Hey, she been givin’ me head for twenty minutes, man, this bitch gotta have lockjaw
Ain’t no retirin’, bitch I’m firin’ out the car, let the Glock off
Hey, and it’s a job, take the car to the karate shop and chop that bitch like water
Man, my shit been going back-to-back, grrra-ta-ta-ta, just like a choppa
Police pull up behind me, ain’t no time to go and hide it, throw the rock far
Valuable, for twenty minutes, oh man, my shit is ’bout as swole as a gold bond
I got plenty more, prolly fifty more, but this is what we did so far-ar-ar

Joey’s verse:

This that Amethyst Rockstar-life, might not make it
Drop gems ’til I shine bright, just be patient
Two girls in my hotel bathroom naked
That’s the type of thrill that I like, don’t waste it
My cup filled with no chaser, I’m wasted
Mixin’ weed with the Henny, got me cross-faded
Like, “Sorry, no interviews, y’all caught in the Matrix”
Checkin’ for statements, life is what you make it
I’m never on vacation ’cause there’s no days off
All the hard work, dedication, know it all pays off
I been gettin’ no sleep, I been workin’ graveyard shifts
I’m a Braveheart, shit, they call me the Sergeant
The general, my squadron, the Pro Era army
Droppin’ bombs, this is just the calm before the storm, see
They can never harm me, my brother catch a homi
T-Pain, Post Malone, Joey Bad, this is godly
Huh, hahaha

Our verdict: 

As much as we love T-Pain and Joey B, their version is fucking wack. It just doesn’t doesn’t fit with the beat or the general cadence that Post Malone created with his hook. It literally sounds so out of place, that it could be a completely different song.

Combine that with the fact that neither Joey B or T-Pain have been on the radio in recent years, it’s a good thing they were replaced with 21 Savage.

After reading comments from fans, it appears we’re not the only ones that think this:


What do you think, which version is better?

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