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Rich The Kid Drops “Dead Friends” Early [Listen] Rich The Kid Drops “Dead Friends” Early [Listen]
Well folks, Christmas came early. Originally slated to drop on March 30th when Rich The Kid’s new album The World Is Yours comes out, RTK’s Lil... Rich The Kid Drops “Dead Friends” Early [Listen]

Well folks, Christmas came early. Originally slated to drop on March 30th when Rich The Kid’s new album The World Is Yours comes out, RTK’s Lil Uzi diss track  “Dead Friends” has been released prematurely.

There’s been hype building around this for quite some time now, as a teaser was leaked a month ago.

Check out the full version below:

So first, let’s go over some of the bars shall we?

verse 1: 

Put my pride to the side (side), I could never lie
I don’t care if you cry, let them pussy niggas die
Ayy, Bentley matte black (skrrt), ooh, different kind of fabric
CEO status (huh), all my niggas savage (what)
You niggas’ll change for fame (fame)
It’s a sad game (sad game)
This the fast lane (skrrt)
Dug up money with the shovel (shovel), I could bury the bundle
It’s the Lamb, yeah
What you been sayin’, yeah? (What you been sayin’, yeah?)
Ooh, it’s the game, yeah (gang)
Yeah them chopsticks no lil’ shit (grra)
You could get your wig split (your wig split)
Couple mil on that deal, nigga (deal, nigga)
I’m a boss, my whole team countin’ still, nigga (rich)

The first two lines of the verse are referencing Lil Uzi’s hit track “Xo Tour Lli3e”, where he says

“I don’t really care if you cry,

on the real, you shoulda never lied

Saw the way she looked me in my eyes she said: I am not afraid to die.

All my friends are dead

Push me to the edge”

RTK contrasts Lil Uzi’s lyrics by talking about his own commitment to the truth, and ( and not so subtly calls him a pussy too?)

In lines 3 and 4, RTK references the 500k black Bentley he bought to celebrate his success of “New Freezer”.

When he’s talking about “CEO” ( chief executive officer)  status he’s referring to how he founded his own record label “Rich Forever Music”.

In the second to last line, the “deal” worth a couple million he’s referring to is most likely his 2017 record deal with Interscope records for 2.5 million.


 You lil ni**as, my check bigger

Can’t flex ni**a,  can’t bet witcha

Teach ya how to be a boss, top dropped off,

Motherfuck the fame  I done came to the vault.

All them dead friends, you a middle man, you a little man,

Your money getting shorter, my bitch from ‘cross the water

Teach ya how to count it, all about it, better boss up

“Teach ya how to be a boss, top dropped off”.

Once again, Rich The Kid appears to be referencing his beloved black Bentley convertible. Shit, it is pretty cool.

His reference to “dead friends” is an obvious callout to Lil Uzi’s song  Xo Tour Llif3 where  “All my friends are dead” is a prominent lyric spoken throughout the track.

His next Lil Uzi jab comes up at the line

” Your money gettin’ shorter”

this is an obvious reference to Lil Uzi’s song “Money Longer”.

While Rich The Kid never explicitly mentions Lil Uzi’s name, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the song is about him.

We all know there’s a bunch of drama between RTK and Lil Uzi Vert.  the real question is, what did fans think of “dead friends”?

To sum it up, Most people think that DJ mustard wasted a great beat on a song with trash lyrics.

Peep the Youtube comments below:



Fans cite weak lyrics, as well as a flow that does not match up well with Mustard’s beat.

lil Uzi has got to love these reactions. It’s a good thing he didn’t sign to RTK’s record label for 20 grand. If this track is similar to what’s on The World Is Yours”, it’s doubtful that he’ll be topping the charts any time soon.

Although, according to RTK artists like Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Khalid, Quavo, Offset, Chris Brown, Jay Critch, Swae Lee, Offset, and Trippie Redd are appearing on the album, which means it’s got to attract SOME attention.

I mean, how can it not when you have that many stars on the list.