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Rico Recklezz Violently Attacks Lil Mister In Store [Watch] Rico Recklezz Violently Attacks Lil Mister In Store [Watch]
  It’s new years day, and lots of people are making resolutions to improve their lives.  After seeing Chicago rappers Rico Recklezz and Lil... Rico Recklezz Violently Attacks Lil Mister In Store [Watch]


It’s new years day, and lots of people are making resolutions to improve their lives.  After seeing Chicago rappers Rico Recklezz and Lil Mister duke it out in a ghetto corner store, we’ve decided to suggest one of our own:

Boxing Lessons. 

As the video blows up, commenters are wasting no time dissing the two rappers’ abilities to throw hands.



But it gets worse. Just when you thought “you hit like a girl” was the most embarrassing jab a self-respecting man can receive, it sinks a level lower.


Now that hurts. Unless the “hoes” Dan knows happen to be “Chris Cyborg” or “Ronda Rousey” from the UFC, then it’s not that bad.

But we’re guessing he’s talking about regular hoes. Ones that work at Applebees and don’t beat the living shit out of other women for a living.


So far, we have no idea what caused the fight. Guess we can chalk it up to sissy thugs being sissy thugs. Since the two rappers aren’t crazy famous, here’s some background info on them:

Rico Recklezz: 


Rico is a drill rapper from the southside of Chicago. Drill is a rap subgenre from Chicago and lyrically is characterized by the lifestyle of drugs and violence associated with Chicago gangbangers. Rico is affiliated with 075 Wuga World, which is a subset of the well known “Gangster Disciples”.

In an interview, Rico explained why his name is spelled with two z’s by saying “I’m Rico Recklezz man, with 2 z’s cause I’ll put a n*gga to sleep real quick”.

Yeah, but not by punching their lights out, that’s for sure.

One thing we will give him- the man is reckless.

There’s videos of him online showing off his gun IN SCHOOL, and punching a random guy on the street after he refused to give him money.

He’s known for  “Hit Em Up” which is basically a diss track aimed at every Chicago rapper worth mentioning. The song is actually pretty catchy.

Here’s some bars:

First off Reesey a bitch, on Jojo it’s merched
He must be the grim reaper ‘cause his music is dirt
Catch Montana trying to pray put fire in him in Church
Ain’t never seen him in the field, he must be from up North
Catch Lil Bibby on Essex he get hit with the torch

Catch a rapper, smack his face just like that’s a new sport
Chance The Rapper won’t have a chance, a couple shells for the dork

And Ayoo KD used to pay for his views
Catch his ass beating buckets in some fake ass Trues
And he wifin’ Dorielle but if he only knew
She let folk nem run her ass in the back of the school
And this nigga Common always got su’m to say
He better stay his ass on the West, just like Kanye
Niggas up in Paris, aww that’s where y’all stay
Go buy a pair of Yeezys then get some top from Kim K

How the man is still alive after insulting basically everybody- is still a mystery.

Lil Mister:


So here’s where things get interesting.

Lil Mister, also known as Montana is a member of the same gang as Rico- 075 Wuga World. As you can tell from Rico’s diss track, he doesn’t like Lil Mister very much.

Anway, Lil Mister is known for his hit song “No Lackin”- which is basically about him and his crew being prepared with plenty of guns for anyone that should dare confront them.


But for all this talk about guns, neither of them pulled one at the corner store. Instead, they had a sissy fight filled with slaps and wild windmill swinging.

We don’t think they’ll be living this incident down anytime soon.






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