Top Hot Muzik

Don’t Pay World Star a Cent Until You Read This.


If you’re into Hip Hop, there’s a 100% chance you’re familiar with the website Artist or fan- it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s Hood rats twerking in public, a brutal street fight, or Usher getting slapped with a 40 million dollar herpes lawsuit, there’s no shortage of jaw dropping material.

But it’s more than just videos of rappers paying cash for Lamborghinis. As you know, music is obviously a huge part of the site as well. When you browse, you’ll find just about every Hip Hop music video imaginable.

Does this seem like the type of website you’d want your Hip Hop music video to debut on? Definitely, right?

Unfortunately, to do so is expensive as shit. Just to get your video up on the site- it costs $750. If you want your video to be sponsored- it’s 3 GRAND per DAY. Most new artists who are struggling to get discovered don’t have that kind of cash just laying around, and can’t afford to spend that on a video that may or may not take off.

That’s why we created Top Hot Muzik. We use outrageous Hip Hop content to draw in fans and set the stage for your music to be released, all without breaking the bank! We’re growing exponentially right now and it’s the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

We’re giving new artists the chance to submit a music video and bio to our website- at a fraction of the cost that WSHH would charge.

Here’s three reasons why you absolutely need to drop all your music videos on Top Hot Muzik.


As a new artist, the last thing you need is unnecessary competition from artists in other genres. Top Hot Muzik specializes in Hip Hop, making your job of standing out in the crowd a hell of a lot easier. Take advantage of our unsaturated market and capitalize on our massive traffic surges before you have to share the attention with other artists!

Bio Bonus

In addition to getting your music video featured, you also get to add your bio for fans to read. It’s important to have a backstory that gives context to your music.  This gives you an opportunity to hook people on your vibe before they even watch your video.

The Price is Right

We get it. Music is expensive. In between equipment and studio time- the industry will take some serious paper from you. Traditionally, marketing is one of the biggest expenses for an artist (hence why the label pays for it). But guess what? Not everyone gets signed right off the bat, and the only way to get the attention of a label, besides pure luck- is already having a following behind you.

We make gathering the crowd you need a hell of a lot easier- and a hell of a lot more affordable than the other options.

When you’re ready to debut your music video and start making waves, shoot us an email and secure your rate at