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2Pac Rape Accuser Is Thirsty For Fame 2Pac Rape Accuser Is Thirsty For Fame
A few days ago a silence that existed for over 25 years was broken by Ayanna Jackson- a love interest of 2pac  who would later... 2Pac Rape Accuser Is Thirsty For Fame

A few days ago a silence that existed for over 25 years was broken by Ayanna Jackson- a love interest of 2pac  who would later accuse him and his associates of gang raping her.

2pac vehemently denied the charges during the trial, after he got out of jail for the conviction, and up until his death in 1996.

Jackson gave an interview to Vlad TV recounting the event with vivid detail.

Now Naughty by Nature rapper “Treach” is reacting to her interview – and he’s pretty salty about it.

“She has to renew her thirst card to be relevant again because her 15 minutes of fame ran out 20 years ago”.

“You been had relationships with him and tried to EXTORT  him,”  he splutters. “When he cuts you off you want to say he took something? Pac don’t pay for ass … the way he fuck, he want a buck too. Over here we wasn’t no sugar daddies, we sugar-free.”

Treach muses out loud about why she would possibly break the silence after all these years. He wonders if she’s writing a book, and now plans to profit from it big time in the wake of the #metoo movement.

To be clear, 2pac was never convicted of rape. What he was convicted of was sexual abuse- he maintains that he was in “another room” then the gang bang happened.

Here is Jackson’s recent interview with Vlad TV, where she recounts initially meeting Tupac, all the way up until the alleged rape happened.

Jackson starts off her story by giving us the setting- Nell’s Nightclub in New York City.

“I was in the club and was having some champagne, and he walked up behind me. I had some jeans on that night, and he placed his hands in the back pockets of my jeans. I turned around and he said,’ I’m 2Pac’ … They were playing his song and we were dancing, and we were kissing.

At one point a friend of his gave him a blunt or a joint or whatever, and as we were dancing and kissing, he lowered my head,” she continued. “I did not give fellatio that night on the dance floor, which everybody wants to know. It didn’t happen. Maybe I kissed it and came back up. It wasn’t a full on fellatio session on the dance floor, no”.

Jackson reports being a “casual fan” on Tupac. As in, she liked his music and was attracted to him, but she was not one of those crazy groupies that stalks artists. After their dancing session, they decided to head back to 2pac’s hotel room.

“He says to me, ‘Do you wanna leave? Let’s hang out’ “I’m like, ‘Ok,’ so we wind up leaving Nell’s. We talk, we kissed and we have sex. We had sex maybe two or three times.”

During this period of time  2Pac was in town filming Above The Rim. One night, he invited her over to his hotel so she could give him a massage.

But then, Jackson reports that 2pac invited his associates into the room, and they gang raped her.

“I hear people coming int the room and he’s like, ‘Relax baby,” she says. “As I go to turn around and look back, because he has his hands in my braids, I can’t physically move around. I’m looking at him while I’m straddling him, looking at him face-to-face. I hear people talking and hear people saying, “Oh look at her. Her ass is fat.’

“He’s saying to me, ‘Relax relax relax baby. These are my boys,’” she continues. “‘I liked you so much I decided to share you with them.’ When he said this to me, I was trying to lift my head up. As I was trying to lift my head up, he still had my hair and he was holding it. I was like, ‘No no no no. No I don’t want this. I came here for you. This is not what I want.’”

At this point, no one knows what really happened- 2pac maintained up until his death that he had nothing to do with the gang bang.

If  Youtube comments are any indicator of people’s general opinion- the opinion is that basically everyone thinks Jackson is lying for clout.


So what’s your prediction? Will Jackson strike back at Treach? Will she be coming out with a book soon?

Stay tuned to find out!


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