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Tyga Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest Tyga Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest
If you happen to see Tyga walking down the street, tell him he should seriously consider laying low for awhile. Why? Because Uncle Sam... Tyga Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest

If you happen to see Tyga walking down the street, tell him he should seriously consider laying low for awhile.


Because Uncle Sam just slapped a warrant for his arrest on his ass! The warrant was issued due to his failure to show up to a court hearing regarding his  unpaid 236k judgement filed by Shyanne Riekena.

Shyanne was a fan ( well ex fan) attending a Tyga concert in Grand Rapids Michigan in 2012. Shyanne is a student, and attends Michigan State University.


The concert was going well. In fact- it was bumping. So bumping- that a light stand came crashing down and cracked her skull.


As you can see, Shyanne had to have a bunch of stiches put in due to the injury. Needless to say, she was pretty pissed- and wanted Tyga to foot her medical bills.

She decided to sue and not surprisingly, the court ruled in her favor.

What’s weird is this is not the first time Shyanne has been in the news for a celebrity lawsuit related incident. In 2016, she accused L.A Clippers NBA star Brandon Dawson of domestic abuse. Dawson was formerly a star college basketball player at Michigan state where Shyanne currently attends.

She went public with her photos- showing her bruised face and body. Dawson was arrested, but the case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

Anyway- back to the story..

Tyga’s company “Tyga Music LLC” was ordered to pay a $236,000 judgement to Shyanne. However, they never ponied up the cash.

In 2017 her attorney filed court documents that requested Tyga’s music company to pay the debt after unsuccessfully attempting to collect the cash on two previous occasions.

Shyanne isn’t the only person trying to collect from Tyga right now. The previous year, Tyga was also take to court by celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills. They discussed payments for a $200,000 judgment for a diamond encrusted watch and chain. Tyga purchased the bling in 2016 and never coughed up the money when the bill came.


Since Tyga has formed an LLC, he is only liable for money and assets held within the company for his suite with Shyanne ( this is because it was an event that was directly related to his music company).

This is why the judge wanted Tyga to give a rundown of his available company assets to pay the $236,000 judgement, which has now ballooned to $250K due to interest.

Back in 2016 in his case against Jason Arasheben ( a personal one)  Tyga started giving the judges a rundown of his finances to explain why he couldn’t pay up for the watch and chain. Everything was going fine until the attorney asked him about how much money he spent on Keeping Up With Kardashians reality TV star Kylie Jenner.

Tyga seemed to have a memory lapse, and couldn’t remember purchasing Kylie a  200k Mercedes Maybach for her 19th birthday!


He then had a complete meltdown, and had to be excused from court. Fortunately, he has since started making payments to Jason for the bling.

Do you think Tyga will try to get out of paying Shyanne’s medical bills once more? Or will he finally give in?

Stay tuned to hear about his inevitable court date – or arrest if it comes to that.





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