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Want Gucci Mane On Your Verse? Cough Up 250K Want Gucci Mane On Your Verse? Cough Up 250K
Ever wondered how much it costs to get a verse from Gucci Mane  on your song? According to the man himself, if you’re an... Want Gucci Mane On Your Verse? Cough Up 250K

Ever wondered how much it costs to get a verse from Gucci Mane  on your song? According to the man himself, if you’re an independent artist, you’re going to need “some major paper”.

“An indie artist gotta have some major paper. If an indie artist got some major paper, I’mma give him some fuckin’ wit. I respect the independent hustle, I came from that. But you gotta come correct, ain’t no other way around it.”

So, exactly how much is “some major” paper? Well as it turns out,  “major paper” equates to about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

That’s how much Gucci Mane charged Youtuber Jake Paul for a verse on his remix  “It’s Everyday Bro”.

Check out the cringe-worthy video below. If you’ve ever wondered how low rappers will stoop for money, now you know.

The video starts off with Jake Paul and Gucci Mane sitting in a cream colored Rolls Royce convertible.

Jake Paul starts talking in that warbly annoying-as-fuck- voice of his, ” It’s every day bro, I said it’s  everyday BROOOOO” he says, voice cracking at the end of “Bro”.

Jake pauses. He turns to Gucci Mane. “We Should remix that”.

Gucci says ” I’m down”.

Jake looks at him. “You down?”

Gucci nods his head “helllll yeah, that’s a good idea”.

In his head he’s probably thinking, ” for $250k? Yeah I can deal with the embarrassment of being in a video with you for that kind of paper”.

As you might have expected, the song is completely, utterly, 100% terrible.

I mean, let’s start with the  fucking chorus…

It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro (ha!)
It’s everyday bro (it’s Gucci, ha!)
I said it is every day, bro!

The verses are just…. well, take a look yourself and decide. Really, all you need to do is read the very first line, and that pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

It’s everyday bro, that Disney Channel flow
Every day I film my life, double the views of any show
Nickelodeon hit me up and I said, “hell no!”
And FedEx hit me up, they ’bout to ship my Lambo (skrrt, skrrt!)
And I’m twenty years old, and the haters always fold
And the ice on me, cold, and in 1997, a new legend was born, now Jakey shootin’ haters down
Call me Jason Bourne, got big Gucci on the flow
(Brr, brr, brr!) This shit cold like the snow
Mansion shoppin’ on the low, they said Jake Paul is over
Sold twelve thousand at the show, it’s a Gucci mink coat (ooh)
It’s a yacht for the boat private jets to Ohio
So the kid that talk, can see my life a TV show
And it’s every day bro, and y’all know the house cost seven
And you know I just ain’t rentin’
And I be in the Aussie, eatin’ shrimp on the barbie
All my exes look like Barbie and I pull up in the ‘Rari like

We’ll stop it there, out of respect for your eyes.

Now if you watch the video, what we recommend doing is turning off the volume. There’s lots of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and sexy models in the video- so that’s kind of nice.

So there you have it. You hear that Indy artists? You want Gucci Mane on your song? Cough up 250k.

Or become famous like Lil Pump and convince Gucci Mane to sign you, and then he’ll probably do it for free.

The choice is yours.



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