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YG Says Fu** Tekashi 69 [ Watch] YG Says Fu** Tekashi 69 [ Watch]
Can Tekashi69 go a day without pissing people off? Over the last few months, he’s gotten into a gun fight in Minnesota, a huge... YG Says Fu** Tekashi 69 [ Watch]

Can Tekashi69 go a day without pissing people off?

Over the last few months, he’s gotten into a gun fight in Minnesota, a huge street brawl at LAX airport, and even sent blood affiliates to beat up rival rapper Trippie Red.

Recently, 6ix9ine  did an interview on the popular radio show “the breakfast club”. He talked about how he’s the hottest artist in New York right now, and why he loves being hated on. His appetite for controversy is very worrying to  Charlemagne, who is convinced he’s going to get shot sooner than later.

During the interview, he threw shade at legendary rapper YG,  saying that he hasn’t had a hit since 2014, and that he’s not even a real gangster.

This is a major slap to YG’s ( Young Gangster)  face, as his rap career has literally been built around being a dedicated blood.

With album/ track titles like “My Krazy Life” , “Bickin’ Back Being Bool”, and “Still Brazy” you can see that YG religiously follows the blood code of avoiding the letter “C”, which of course is owned by rival gang the “Crips”.

He even avoids products with excessive amounts of blue, including Chase banking, Oreo cookies, PABST beer, Geico insurance…..the list goes on and on.

So yeah, it’s not surprising that the rapper who habitually wears a “Brompton” hat got mad offended when Tekashi insinuated that he wasn’t even an actual blood!

Check out him going off on 6ix9ine in the video below:

YG’s message for Tekashi 6ix9ine? ” Fuck you”.

Fans say that YG has probably been harboring resentment towards Tekashi for some time now, pointing out his lyrics in his recent track Suu Whoop “I ain’t with the pink-haired Blood shit (suu whoop)/I ain’t with the only-at-the-club-Bloodin’.”

There’s only one rapper in the game with pink/rainbow hair who also claims to be a blood, and that would be our boy 6ix9ine.

fellow blood rapper “The Game” decided to join the Tekashi hating party, saying ” he tryna turn red rags into Disneyland tickets.”

Whether Tekashi 69 is actually a blood has yet to be confirmed. He clearly has friends who are bloods- as witnessed by the savage beating of Trippie Red.

However, as of recent Tekashi has spoken about wanting to unite Bloods and Crips- which seems like something damn near impossible to do.

But despite all this drama with YG, it appears Tekashi has bigger problems on the horizon. As you may or may not be aware of,  Tekashi  pleaded guilty to uploading a video of a 13 year old girl performing sex acts on camera.

This was back in 2015, and his sentencing included:

  • One year of interim probation
  • Two years of mental health treatment
  • 300 hours of community service
  •  prohibition of posting sexually explicit or violent images featuring women or children on social media
  •  Requirement to write a letter to the victim’s family

Now, in addition to this Tekashi was also required to get  his GED ( General Education Diploma). This is basically the equivalent of attending and graduating high school.

In late January 2018, Tekashi admitted that he hadn’t passed all the sections of his GED yet. The judge told him he has until April 10th to do it, or he could face between 1-3 years in prison.

According to Tekashi, he’s passed everything except science.  His ass better be studying right now- the clock is ticking.