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ZO2’s Parody ZO2’s Parody

ZO2’s Parody

News May 22, 2017 admin 0

ZO2’s If you’re the fan of America’s upcoming basketball sensation Lonzo Ball, you’re surely going to like the pair of signature sneakers called ZO2.... ZO2’s Parody

If you’re the fan of America’s upcoming basketball sensation Lonzo Ball, you’re surely going to like the pair of signature sneakers called ZO2. It was later found out that the player’s shoes were manufactured by Big Baller Brand. And who else but Lonzo Ball himself revealed the story why he opted for Big Baller Brand to create these signature sneakers.
But hang on, guys!
Before moving ahead, let’s just talk about a few clips on Instagram that gave us a different view about the ZO2. Take a look at the video on Lansky’s Corner for instance:

To start with, it was sarcastic. Perhaps, the person didn’t like it – hitting the court with Big Baller Brand’s signature shoes when you have plenty of other “Softies” and signature shoes available. The video went on highlighting other aspects of the sneakers that you could find in other average shoes – like logo, 4 strips, and more.
By the way, if you haven’t seen the comments, this one’s absolutely funny:

lanskyscorner: For the culture @kingbubrock @boobbrown I told you we keepin our foot on they necks this time around ??

If you think that was enough to stop people from buying ZO2’s, you have no idea what’s yet to come!
Here’s another video showing a phone call (which obviously was a fake call) to some online store asking for ZO2’s. Note, that the imaginary representative gave him an option to have a pair of Jordin’s but he was not willing to compromise. Other things…. well, you’re going to see that in this video.


Still to come is a hilarious video that shows how you can enjoy your game in the basketball court wearing ZO2’s. It’ll beat the hell out of other sneakers like Crossovers, Jordan, Nike, Adidas and the likes.

Like that line “Your Coach Don’t Know Shit!!”

Don’t these pair of sneakers in the video look familiar? Yup, that’s the biggest “Ooppps!” because they’re not ZO2’s from Big Baller Brand!
Well, by now you’ll be feeling tempted to know the other side of the story, don’t you?

So, here it is….

Lonzo Ball featured in Slam Magazine’s promotional video in which he told why he chose Big Baller Brand to manufacture his signature shoes. According to Lonzo, the Big Baller Brand offers a platform to promote people with big dreams.
Since, Lonzo’s become a public property, a star, he feels it’s his responsibility to promote his culture and do something for his community. Most importantly, he wants to be an entrepreneur rather than endorser. And LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand gave him that opportunity.

Take a look at this video on Slam Magazine’s Twitter page:

Apart from the touching story Lonzo’s shared, the video highlight impressive looking specs, such as Python Multifibre texture and Patent leather heel Logo. Then, there’s more to see in the video.
Actually, all the hype and negativity was due to the Price of ZO2 sneakers. The makers are determined to project ZO2’s level above Nike, Adidas, Jordan and Under Armour that are normally used in basketball games. So, they’ve decided to sell it at $495. To add to that, there’s another product line named ZO2 Prime for sizes 14 and 15. They’re expected to be sold at $695.


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